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New teaser videos from LG give us an official look at the LG G3


As we head into a long holiday weekend ahead of LG’s launch event for the LG G3, the company has released some videos on their Korean YouTube channel to tease the device. If all of the leaked images have left you wondering how accurate they may be, you may want to check out these official shots of the device. The most telling of the videos is the one highlighting the design of the LG G3 as it provides a nice shot of the device. The other two videos highlight the G3’s QHD display and the camera, although there is not much to tell from the videos.

You can check out all three videos after the break.

LG G3 – Design

YouTube Preview Image

LG G3 – Display

YouTube Preview Image

LG G3 – Camera

YouTube Preview Image

  • Justin_Herrick

    Good to see a manufacturer just tease a whole bunch rather than letting everything leak and having nothing to say at an unveiling.