Google Once Asked Steve Jobs to be CEO!


What if Steve Jobs was the CEO of Google? So many things may be different. Would we have iPhones, iPads? Would Blackberry own the mobile market? Would we even have Android devices?

All of these questions may have strange answers if Steve Jobs would have said Yes when Google asked him to be CEO. In an interview by Bloomberg TV in a their documentary called “Game Changers”, we learn that Sergey Brin and Larry Page had once discussed the CEO position with Mr.Jobs, among 12 or 13 other interviewees.

In the end, Eric Schmidt was the man, and a great choice he was indeed!

Check out the full documentary here.

[via Pocket-Lint]

  • MrMiyagi

    I don’t think Mr. Jobs was the one who invented the iphone or the iPad, but things might have looked very different. But this really explains why Mr. Jobs sometimes starts ranting about Android like he has a grudge against them… He really does :-D

  • Jesse Bauer

    Agreed, he most certainly didnt “invent” the iphone or ipad, or possibly any of Apple’s products for that matter, but he’s definitely the “face” of anything apple related, and therefore, makes him responsible for its success, whether good or bad. :)
    He definitely has a grudge against Google.

  • Andrew

    If Jobs owned Google I would avoid it like the plague just like I do Apple, I can’t stand that guy. The king of google however has done nothing to anger me, so we’re good.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    This is like a kick-@$$ episode of Quantum Leap! Beckett leaps into the body of Schmidt, but in this reality, Jobs is beating him for the position of CEO. Beckett must use his knowledge of the future about how the Android phone eventually evolves into the hand-held device that Al communicates to Ziggy with. Fan fiction anyone? (Yes I’ve had too much candy!)

  • RTWright

    I can’t begin to think what Google let alone Android would be had he accepted. He’s the face of Apple yes, no he’s not the inventor of anything at this point, just a face and spokesperson for Apple. I cannot complain much about Apple, they’re no different than Microsoft really. I do tend however to think Apple pays a lot more attention to their OS than MS does ( At least up till Windows 7 ). I work on a Mac here at my employer, no complaints at all and I use a PC that I built myself at home.

    All I can say is things definitely would be very different. The Android if it were allowed to exist, would be just like the iOS, restricted and proprietary ( I’m cringing at that thought ), it would only work on the devices they design, making AT&T the only company to carry them once again. It would really be a sad day. Yes, I believe at that point the Blackberry would be the one pulling ahead while competing against MS’s new mobile OS. How interesting? It would be a nightmare! Oh wait, that’s what I just had when thinking of this, maybe I need to wake up or get more sleep!