Moto X owners get a new holiday boot animation [Update: Moto G as well]


You have to hand it to Motorola. They may not sell the most phones, but they created one of the best phones of the year plus they added some really nice touches like Windy Day and now a new boot animation for the holidays. This probably wasn’t a background update, but more of something that was already installed and ready to kick in today.

If you don’t have a Moto X, hit the break for the quick video showing you what Motorola came up with. If you do have one, then power off your damn phone and turn it back on.

Update: Moto G owners are also getting the new holiday goodness

  • MichaelR

    Interestingly, this phone wasn’t my first choice when I was offered it as a company phone due to carrier, but now I think I really dodged a bullet when I didn’t get what I originally wanted. What an amazing device! It’s little surprises like this and Windy Day (and big surprises like getting KitKat first) that really have won me over. Couple those things with the quality of the X’s hardware and the ingenuity of its software, and I really think now that I’ll be a Moto guy for life.