Xiaomi moves an incredible 220,000 phones in three minutes


Xiaomi is no stranger to selling massive numbers of phones in a short span of time, and during a sale for Single’s Day (the holiday opposite Valentine’s Day) they moved about 220,000 phones in three minutes. Ignoring the fact that the Chinese use Single’s Day as an opportunity to buy gadgets, Xiaomi had a total 380,000 devices in stock; 110,000 units of three smartphones, the flagship MI3, the MI-2S, and the Hongmi, and 50,000 set top Xiaomi boxes. Within three minutes, they had sold through their entire 110,000 phone stock in three minutes, and a good chunk of their other devices had been sold, too. All in all, Xiaomi says they moved right at 220,000 devices in those three minutes.

It’s hard not to be impressed by those types of numbers, but there’s still room for improvement for the Chinese smartphone maker. After all, if they could ramp up production to be able to consistently sell their stock instead of only selling a small stock every few months, they would easily be able to compete with some of the bigger smartphone manufacturers.

source: GSM Arena

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