Nexus 5 battery life will be better than expected thanks to Qualcomm

Android Battery Life

Yesterday we learned that the Nexus 5 will have a non-removeable battery sized at 2300 mAh, but prospective owners should not have to worry about running out of juice quickly. Inside will be Qualcomm’s new QFE1100 envelope tracker that the company claims to be able to reduce heat and power consumption from the radio components. A huge concern with many phones is the pace at which LTE data kills a phone’s battery; however, Qualcomm’s new envelope tracker aims to solve that. Also, the Nexus 5 has the 802.11ac WiFi standard. This means that if you have a compatible router, your phone will reach the signal easier with much larger transfer speeds. All very good signs if you’re picking up a Nexus 5.

Source: Gigaom

  • ButcherChop

    Can we get some test graphs sometime? Thanks.

  • Oli72

    Awesome. Waiting for my Nexus 5 to come.

  • jimv1983

    All the power saving features created by Qualcomm. That doesn’t change the fact that the biggest power hog on any phone is the screen(and indirectly the GPU). A 5″ 1080p IPS LCD screen is pretty much the worst screen you can have in terms of power usage.

    • ReFlex

      The fact that the LG G2 has the longest batterylife of a smartphone right now contradicts with your post. The Nexus 5´s inner life is very similar to the LG G2´s, which has a 5.2″ 1080p screen. Of course the battery is only 3/4 of the G2, but i think you´re wrong.

      • Yulet

        You must be kidding, LG G2 has 3000mAh battery in it, that’s mostly why it has the best battery life (on par with Note 3)

      • jimv1983

        3/4 the battery does not mean 3/4 of the battery life. It will be less than 3/4. Plus from what I’ve seen in the LG service manual the Nexus 5 also doesn’t have the battery saving GRAM that the G2 does. I’m not expecting the Nexus 5 to get much better than maybe 50% or the battery life of the G2. I’m guessing the Nexus 5 will likely get like 10-12 hours off of the charger with maybe 2-3 hours of screen on time.

        • 4reall

          What the Hell are you blowing out of your ass the nexus 5 hot 21 hours with 2 hours screen on time I’m still looking for more representive test results but you sir are way off!

  • yeah

    If there’s one thing we should know by now, it is that these promises of better battery life through more efficient processor, display etc. NEVER deliver in real life.

    • phatfieldartist

      Have you heard of the newer MacBook Airs with Haswell? Nearly doubled battery life with processor improvements alone.

      • Astridax

        I think that is possibly more to do with OSX Mavericks than anything else. Those software changes have made the battery life on my previous generation Ivy Bridge rMBP soar.

        • Aaronage

          My Air 2013 goes for 12 hours with Mountain Lion, but it goes for about 14 with Mavericks.

          • Astridax

            That is an Air though. The Haswell rMBP hasn’t seen that much of a battery improvement, from what I have heard, when compared to the IB version. Prior to Mavericks I often had battery estimations of 3-4 hours especially with 10.8.4, rather than the advertised 7-8 which is what I get now.

  • Maxim∑

    I think this phone will have horrible battery life like my Nexus 4 and the camera doesnt seem to big of an improvement. For me those 2 things are a deal breaker especially the battery.. Because the quoted battery life is 8.5hr which is already below market standards but we can expect even less

    • vmaykel

      I agree :-/ LG G2 seems to be the right choice for me.

  • Nudo

    Wow big battery! It better be good lol