Federal Aviation Administration to relax rules on cell phones and tablets during flights

airplane mode

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, is the company behind the strict rules about not using your phones or tablets during a flight. However, those rules are likely to be loosened soon as technology becomes increasingly popular. Several anonymous members of the FAA’s panel have said that things like listening to music or podcasts, watching videos, or reading e-books would be freely allowed during flights, although sending emails and using Wi-Fi during takeoff will still likely be prohibited.

Still, this is a good change to adapt to how much technology influences our daily lives. Any frequent flyers out there excited about the possibility of these rule changes?

source: New York Times

  • Zeus

    I’m confused. Every flight I’ve been on says turn off while taking off, then let’s me use them during the flight, every single time. How is this any different?

    • jcauseyfd

      The change is that you would not have to power off devices during takeoff and landing. You would still not be allowed to use the wireless capabilities like grabbing email or streaming content though. It effectively means you could actually use the “Flight Mode” or whatever your device calls it.

      • mike

        pretty sure almost everyone uses flight mode as it is now…but way to go FAA for letting everyone do what they have already been doing the last couple years…

      • frequent flyer

        you’re not really listening(reading) are you? It means that during take off and landing, you know that time when they make you turn it OFF, you can leave it on in flight mode and listen to your music/read your kindle/play whatever addictive game you were playing WITHOUT having to wait for the seat belt sign to go off. Personally i find it really annoying not being able to continue reading my book for the 30 mins at the start of the flight and the 30 mins at the end.

        • jcauseyfd

          frequent flyer, is your comment in response to me or one of the other posters? (I can’t tell whether Disqus is flattening the thread).