Google files patent for online interactive book club

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Google has recently filed a patent for a type of online, interactive book club. It sounds weird, but the way Google is apparently thinking about implementing it sounds really interesting. When a user buys a new book, they’ll automatically be prompted to join a “club” for that book with other readers. It will supposedly limit those clubs to people who buy the book around the same time so they won’t be several hundred pages apart. These clubs are assigned based on your age, location, interests, etc. All that neat information Google has on you will help to pair you up with others who you’d enjoy reading a book with.

It’ll all be managed through a social network, probably Google+. Duh. Book clubs can have scheduled activities, which is probably just going to be group Hangouts to discuss books. There’s also the possibility of financial rewards for participation.

This is just a patent, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll turn into anything. But hey, if you’re a fan of book clubs and Google products, you’ve got something to look forward to.

source: USPTO

via: Engadget

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  • Jen

    Hey, Jarred Peters, do you know of any results on how the patent application is going? They can either get it or have it denied. A news update would be great. If they are denied I’d be intetested in knowing the reasons and if they would attempt to get one again if they are denied this time. There might be a time consideration I am not aware of. Any information would be great.