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Blue app for Google Glass shows possibilities of platform for sports fans


While general consumers continue to wait for Google’s release of Glass devices to the retail market, developers and other early adopters are spending plenty of time figuring out just how to build out the ecosystem for the platform. A new app called Blue shows one of the unique ways Glass could be incorporated into a person’s daily activities, especially if they are a sports fan who enjoys attending live sports events. Blue is an app that displays real-time information about a sporting event while it is in progress as soon as the data is available. A demo of the app shows how this would work at a major-league baseball game as the system is being tested at AT&T Park already.

In the video showcasing the app, we see how it delivers information about pitches, counts, runners, and other stats and data from the game. The system works by using geolocation data to determine the event you are attending and then displays the information. It will continue to work even if you happen to step out to the concession stand for a bite to eat. The developer, Aaron Draczynski, indicates he would like to expand the app to include other sports, but he is apparently relying on free sources of information for the testing phase and is not sure the same type of info could be gleaned for other sports.

Is this type of app something you would be interested in if you got your hands on some Google Glass?

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source: Blue
via: AndroidSpin