Several new pics of Moto X surface, shows front plate of device


We’re only a few days away from seeing how accurate the July 11th prediction for the Moto X is, but that’s not going to stop the leaks from coming. The latest set of pictures show what appears to be the front plate of the Moto X. No internals, but it’s a good shot of the cosmetics of the device, and it matches up with most of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past several weeks. Personally, I think these plates have a more rouned, Nexus-ish aesthetic to them that isn’t seen in Motorola devices, so they could definitely be the result of a Google and Motorola collaboration. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hit the break below to check out some of the pictures.

source: G For Games

  • Frawlz

    that thing looks cheap as hell…

  • ChrisPollard77

    If this is supposed to be Moto’s big game changer, I’m not sure what game it is they think they’re playing. Is this supposed to be a flagship for Motoroogle? Sure hope not.

  • cdes

    That looks completely cheap. Especially compared to nexus 4 the design is more than just one step backwards. I hope this is just the design of the test units.

  • Ben

    I really like it. If there is a black option without the motorola sign i am sold. I love the minimalistic design, and I prefer plastic to metal anyway. If this really sells in the “Nexus price area” I think it would be good value for money