Mysterious LG device with Snapdragon 800 spotted in benchmark tests, most likely G2 not Nexus 5


Another LG device was spotted in AnTuTu Benchmarks, and the speculation is that it could be the Nexus 5. It has a model number of LG-F320 and scored 32,000 points with its 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU. I know a lot of people are hoping for a Nexus 5, but this is probably a G2 variant for Korea.

Remember, LG confirmed they aren’t working on a Nexus 5. Of course, shortly after, it was reported that they produced a prototype, but there are a lot of prototypes that never hit the market. I am still on record as saying there won’t be a Nexus phone this year, and instead, it’s going to be just Google Edition and Motorola phones from here on.

Going back to the G2, we should get a lot of info on the device at LG’s event on August 7.

source: GSMInsider