Google trying to get a bigger slice in app revenue from its Play Store


In recent news, it looks like Google is eyeing to receive a bigger chunk of revenue that comes from their Play Store. As it stands, revenue from each app is distributed into 3 different parts: %70 goes to the developer, %25 goes to the carrier, and a measly %5 goes to Google. Google hopes to increase their percentage of that, but only taking from the share that goes to the carriers. Google wishes to increase  their current %5 share up to %15, which in sense, creates an even split with the carrier.

I’m all for developers getting as much as they can for their product, thus I’m glad Google is only eyeing to take shares away from the carriers. Although I am quite surprised the huge disparity that Google gets compared to the carriers. If anything, I thought it would be the other way around.

source: Business Insider 

  • Jan

    I don’t understand why carriers would get a penny at all. I mean they are in no way related to the play store or Google. It’s like my isp would get money every time I order from amazon

    • Joe

      incentive to push android sales? Now that droid is established that is not desired as much as $$$.

      • Nicky

        I guess that’s a pretty good reason to cut the carriers in in the first place. But I gotta agree with Jan, the carriers shouldn’t be entitled to anything.

      • Jan

        Hmm I wonder if this also goes for unbranded phones… Most people in Europe buy their devices independently from the carrier so the carriers have barely any influence on what phones people get

  • Ryan

    What about unlocked and Nexus devices? Does the carrier get any cut of the sale?

    • ReDDster

      I would assume whatever carrier that device is being used with does. I have an N4 but I use it on TMO. So I’m assuming whatever app I buy, 25% of that revenue goes to TMO.

  • Darryl B Barton

    To start with if they want more money from me they are going to have to extend the trial time at least an hour the way it is now stops me from buying a lot of apps you do not have enough time to try them the way it is now if you find it does not work or not what you thought it was its to late you have been sucked in and are stuck with it. Hey just my opinion but thats the opinion that counts for me ……

    • Nudo

      Well they obviously don’t want more money from you as the article states, so settle down ;-)

  • ibtrubl

    I see no reason why carriers would receive a share except that carriers allow the play store as part of their bloatware.