OUYA to Launch in 59 Days, Brings with it Software and Hardware Improvements


OUYA has done a great job of listening to early adopters of their developer consoles, and has worked rigorously to address issues and concerns that have been reported. According to OUYA, they have fixed identified issues for their upcoming June roll out. Their promise to consumers, to “continue to obsess over quality and performance“.

Some of the overall improvements to the final product include both hardware and software improvements.  Here is a list OUYA has for each:


Problem: Battery Covers on front of unit fell off easily during shipping.

Fix: Add additional magnets to cover plats to improve security.


Problem: Current software iteration has a few key components issues, such as lack of storage, complicated installation processes, and a lack of controller support for video players.

Fix: Added numerous software fixes, to include options not necessarily addressed by developers, such as:

  • External storage for games
  • Simpler game install process
  • More metrics for developers
  • Controller support for video players
  • More payment options

No changes are planned to the UI at this time, as OUYA wants to keep it “simple, easy, and OBVIOUS!” for their users. To date, OUYA supports over 100 games, to include console exclusives, new developers, experienced developers, ports, and more. OUYA’s promise to you, “A world of great games among which you are sure to find new favorites!“. OUYA also promises that more games are in the pipeline and plan to launch them over the coming months.

To ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, OUYA is asking for feedback from YOU! They are holding a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) event the beginning of May, and welcome feedback through their website.

Source: OUYA

  • GraveUypo

    this is getting bad first impressions everywhere. it’s going to flop unfortunately

  • John Coldrick

    Everybody wants this to fail, from the kickstarter beginnings, to a female chief in a male dominated market, to the nerve of trying to compete with “the big boys”. Frankly, I find it irritating and completely missing the point. I’ve seen reviews that refer to it as “a phone with a games controller”, with the obvious snarky undertones. Let’s get this straight – of *course* the hardware specs equate roughly to a solid phone with a game controller, but that’s *not* what’s for sale here. What you’re buying is an ecosystem, just the same as xbox, ps3,Nintendo… it’s a base from which a market can grow. A place for typically more casual games, as opposed to Cod, and we all know that never sells. Wait, Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds… It’s also designed to be modded, so the hacker demographic gets attention. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the home media market. Nobody wants a box that can play media files…

    And finally… A solid phone with a games controller… for $100? Along with everything else mentioned above and more? Yeah, that’ll never sell…

    I’m far from convinced it will blaze a trail of greatness, but for $100 it’s certainly got my attention. Let’s not forget there was this mobile OS that started up a few years back, and everyone said it couldn’t hold a candle to the iPhone and cattily predicted dismal failure…