Wirefly Offers Sprint HTC One Pre-Order for $150


If you’re a Sprint customer and have been salivating over HTC’s newest flagship phone, the HTC One, then you’re in for some good news. The folks over at Wirefly are offering the HTC One for $150 pre-order. Heck even if you’re thinking about switching over to the Now Network this is a good deal. For $50 less than what you’d be paying at Sprint you’ll be able to choose between Stealth Black or Glacial Silver. According to Wirefly it should ship April 19th and be at your door shortly there after. If you’re holding out for a better deal, I’m not sure you’ll find one. Hit the source links below to order yours and you better hurry. There’s no telling on how long this deal will go on.


sources: HTC One Glacial Silver, HTC One Stealth Black

  • Uriah Romero

    I still want to try out the HTC One before I choose to go through Sprint. Both are top smartphones, and it’s good that with either choice, I’ll be getting a fast processor, a great camera, and a full HD display. Watching my live and recorded shows on my phone while I’m on my way to and from work at DISH is something I do often, since it takes some time to get there. I use the DISH Anywhere app to stream shows that I’ve missed, and I think it would well with the HTC One.