Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories Now Available for Pre-Order from GearZap


Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been announced and since released, at least in the UK, it would only be a matter of time before we saw official accessories come out. Items like cases, screen protectors and even extra S-Pens should be apart of the mix and all we would have to do is sit and wait for that fateful day to come. It looks like that fateful day is today as GearZap, part of Mobile Fun Limited, is the first to offer these official accessories. Right now they’re only available for pre-order but they should be released quite soon.  We see the standard assortment of accessories as well as a few unique ones. Besides the book covers and S-pens we see a car dock and a pouch stand. The pouch keeps your device protected when not in use, while giving you the ability to prop up the tablet for hands free use.  Hit the break to check them out.

Samsung Book Cover £37.99 ($58.27)


Samsung Pouch Stand £29.99 ($46.00)


Samsung Car Dock £44.99 ($69.00)


Samsung Screen Protector £16.99 ($26.06)


So there you have it. The S-Pen is up there as well and comes in at £19.99 ($30.66) should you break or lose your original. If you’re interested in checking out the details on these accessories then hit the source below. Now that we’re seeing these in the UK they should hopefully be in the U.S. shortly after the tablet makes its debut here in the States.  Enjoy!

source: GearZap

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • ov1

    Ok thats nice, now how much will the note cost in the US and whats the release date

    • Jack Holt

      Not sure yet. I would guess with the way Samsung prices their other accessories we will see them close to the dollar conversion variants I wrote in the ( ). But we’ll have to wait and see. No telling on when they’ll be available in the US either. :-

  • Brian Parkerson

    Samsung is proud of their accessories aren’t they! I guess if the device is overpriced then the accessories are to be overpriced too…Now I understand…NOT!