Rumor: Upcoming Motorola “X” is not just one phone, but a new line of devices



You know about that mysterious Motorola X smartphone that we’ve been hearing more and more about? Well it’s possible that it’s a codename for not one smartphone, but rather the first of many smartphones. Rumor has it that Google is considering looking at other manufacturers line and introducing an X line of smartphones— kind of Samsung’s Galaxy or LG’s Optimus lines. Not only does this unify Motorola’s product line, but it also guarantees more cohesive product support for customers. For example, the first phone in this “X” line “will guarantee at least one “full Android version” update after the purchase of the phone” that is handled directly by Google Motorola, not the mercy of various wireless carriers out there.

Oh and the news doesn’t stop there folks. Rumor also has it that this new “X” phone or line will be sold through “an unnamed online store”— which almost certainly points to the fact it will be sold in the Play Store for the masses, which by the way will be sold at a heavily subsidized priced like the Nexus 4 in order to get interest from consumers. And finally— the mysterious device(s) will be completely customizable by allowing the device’s color, RAM and internal storage to be completely configurable.

Again this is pure rumor and speculation, but you can’t help but be giddy at the idea that this is the direction that the Motorola brand is potentially about to take. Maybe that rumored smartphone we saw a few days ago may hold more weight than we’d previously thought….

source: Unwired View

  • popeye

    “completely customizable by allowing the device’s color, RAM and internal storage to be completely configurable.”

    That’s only color, RAM and internal storage – far from completely customizable. The RAM option is actually the only novel one.

  • Louis Balleweg

    They are going to have to improve their product a whole lot before I would buy one! My Motorola Droid 4 is a piece of trash. Some time ago, I vowed never to buy another Motorola product.

  • darshan gandhi

    series of devices launching with key lime pie……Google has an upper hand here.
    But glad to see that we are moving into an era where we can customize the hardware specs of a cellphone just like in a desktop PC