Report says Android activation rate now at 2 million per day and global growth is 150 times faster than U.S. growth


It appears that there may spike in the number of Android activations per day, thanks to some preliminary reports. According to Asymco, the last reported number from Google was at 1.3 million activations per day in September 2012 with an overall activation of 500 million devices. It has been 5 months since Google reported anything, but Asymco is estimating that activations are now at a rate of 2 million per day with a total number of activations reaching 800 million. This influx of activations is surely impressive but there are some interesting facts to consider.

The results also show that while the number is certainly a jump from the last report, U.S. user activations aren’t so high. The data shows that only 9% of overall Android usage is in the U.S. and only 0.6% of new Android users are in the U.S. This means that Android is being activated 150 times more globally than within the U.S. itself. This is very interesting when you consider how many Android devices come with cheaper price points. One possible explanation, as the source notes, is that variants of the iPhone can be had on contract for $0. While the same is true for Android, the numbers show that when the prices are equaled, iPhone is outgrowing Android within the U.S. Globally speaking, the iPhone is seeing the majority of its growth in the U.S. while Android is thriving internationally.

Google has always prided itself on delivering an open source operating system and shows no signs of changing its gameplan any time soon. However, with the majority of new users outside of the U.S. markets, it will be interesting to see what Google does with future devices to attract the American consumers more effectively.

Source: Asymco

  • GraveUypo

    give them a free cheeseburger with every purchase.

    • Michael Marsh

      Lol! I’m American myself, yet I fund that extremly funny- and to a certain extent true. I really can’t understand why anyone could chose a device which is laking on many features, such as the iphone, over the thousands of the more feature rich android devices out there. Stupidity, perhaps?

      • Prasad Tiruvalluri

        I agree /s

      • Samuel Serafim

        They have no sense about smartphones. All they speak at most is about imessage(the most stupid chat app) and camera. Off course, they want status too. From me they got stupid sign.