UK carrier Three makes HTC One available for pre-order




Those individuals in the UK are in luck as Three, a UK-based phone carrier, has made the hot new HTC One available for pre-order today ahead of a reported release on March 15th. Three will debut the phone on its LTE network at launch and is offering two tariffs, each with an upfront cost of £69 for the device. Consumers can choose between the two offered tariffs, one that costs £34 per month called the “Ultimate Internet 500 tariff” and another for £2 more called “The One Plan” which features unlimited data and the ability to tether. Three is also offering the phone on a pay-as-you-go plan for £479.99. It’s pretty nice that Three customers will have a couple of plans to choose from when grabbing the device. Click the source below to get more information and pre-order the HTC One from today.