Samsung Galaxy S IV confirmed to have same home button and similar design as Galaxy S III along with non-contact gestures


What will the Galaxy S IV look like? If it’s anything like last year, we won’t have a clue until the day it’s officially unveiled. The biggest question is if they will finally get away from the large home button (with back and menu buttons) design. According to DDaily in Korea, the answer is no. In fact the phone’s overall design probably won’t stray from the cues of the Galaxy S III.

It was also rumored that the Galaxy S IV might be compatible with the S Pen, but that won’t be the case. What it will have is the the non-contact gestures that we reported about last month.

Last but not least, they are reporting that we should see an unveiling in mid-March with availability in April. This coincides with the latest rumor of March 15 for the announcement, but I’m not buying that exact date. That’s a Friday, and we rarely have press events on Fridays.  Stay tuned, because this freight train is just getting started folks.

source: DDaily
via: sammobile

  • chess

    So, it’ll be the rather cheap looking design. And Note III will probably look almost the same. On to the Moto X…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottom line i feel the design of the Galaxy S3 is nice some will like some won’t who cares. The main thing about the upcoming Galaxy S4 will be it’s internal storage, and it’s software and features solution as well as processor and camera. Based on what’s expected the Galaxy S4 will be a wonderful device one of the leaders in 2013.

  • Uriah Romero

    I like the look of my Galaxy SIII, so the SIV can’t be that bad. I’m excited to see what new features Samsung integrates into their new phone, such as a rumored 1080p display. I like to watch shows on my phone while I’m on my way to DISH, so a screen that good would probably look great. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, which lets me stream live and recorded shows wherever I go, and it looks great as it is. The new phone can only be an improvement.