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More evidence of a white LG Nexus 4 surfaces

Late yesterday we reported on a leaked image that purported to show a new white version of the LG Nexus 4 smartphone. The question on everyone’s mind was whether it was a legitimate image. Today more images have surfaced showing a white, well mostly white, LG Nexus 4 device. The images showed up on a Vietnamese web site and show the device being held in someone’s hand as they rotate the device around for different views in a series of fifteen shots. Not impossible to fake, but these latest images would require a lot more effort to produce if someone were trying to pull a hoax on the tech world.

As far as what the images show, it appears the device will still have a black front with only the back side getting changed to white. It also appears the decorative dots present on the current black Nexus 4 are replicated on this new white version. Of course, no word from Google or LG regarding the leaked images or availability of a white Nexus 4.

source: Unwired View