JXD-S7300 Gamepad2 offers Android gaming plus nine built-in emulators

Android gaming controllers and gaming devices are going to be the rage this year. We already have controllers from PowerA and devices from ARCHOS and NVIDIA. Of course we can’t forget about the OUYA gaming console. The JXD-S7300 Gamepad2 is another device to throw into the mix. This one features Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, but it also features nine pre-installed emulators for the original PlayStation, Neo Geo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Famicon, Super Famicon, Sega Mega Drive, and the Capcom Play System 1 and 2.

The Gamepad2 features a 7-inch (1024 x 600) display, a 1.5GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU, a Mali-400 MP2 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, microSD, front facing camera, USB port, HDMI output, 3G connectivity, and both wireless and Ethernet connectivity. It features dual joysticks and the usual buttons, and it actually looks a lot like the Wii U. Just like the ARCHOS GamePad, you will be able to map the keys for any game you wish. Last but not least, it comes with the Superuser app for easy rooting.

The specs certainly aren’t going to blow anyone away, but for $165.99, it doesn’t seem all that bad. If it’s something that interests you, hit the source link to order and see more videos.

source: willgoo
via: geek

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  • Sean Fear

    I am trying to get a replacement for a broken one I received from Willgoo. Currently I cannot recommend either the JXD S7300 or Willgoo and would encourage a buyer to look elsewhere when ordering one. Getting a defective device from Willgoo will result in a long wait and shipping fees that will quickly make this bargain priced device no longer a bargain. Based upon other reports and my experience the JXD S7300 seems to questionable software and a very poor build quality that is resulting in many defective units. You can read all about it here.


    I have gotten terrible customer service from Willgoo! First off after offering free shipping they sent me a message on January 18th.

    “…Here is a good news for you. JXD S7300 will be available next week. We are now arranging your shipping. Before shipping, we have a suggestion for you. The package of JXD S7300 is bigger, and the value of it is higher. We worry about the risks of the register air mail parcel. So we wonder if you can make up $10USD for shipping by DHL? You know, DHL is not only much faster, but also much safer. Parcels will never get lost or stolen by DHL. And now, you only need to pay $10USD for it!…”

    Well, I paid the extra for DHL shipping, received a tracking number on the 25th, and The JDX arrived on the 29th. So far so good. Unfortunately the JDX was defective so I sent them this message.

    “…The JXD S7300 I received is defective. It makes a constant clicking noise seems to be detecting touches when there are none, the menus are unnavigable since it opens and closes menus without me touching it. I am frustrated. I would appreciate getting a replacement quickly…”

    Instead of offering to immediately replace it they asked for a video.

    “…Sorry to hear that.To let us know the problem well, we wonder if you can take video for it? And upload the video to Youtube and show us the link after that. We will try our best to assist you…”

    Videos were uploaded.

    They then suggested I update the firmware, which I did.

    “…Thank you for getting back to us. We had contacted our factory. The problem may be happened for the d-pad or the Joystick. Can you press the dpad and the left joystick to see if the problem is still there? Try to press them for a few time- to play some games with d-pad and joystick. Then reset the device to see if the sound is still there. If the sound is still there, then you can try to update the firmware on S7300. Here is the way for teaching you how to update the firmware: http://boards.dingoonity.org/android-devices/jxd-s7300-fixes-firmware-roms-thread/ Try the above ways and get back to us if it can help.

    Don’t worry. We will try our best to help you. If the device is really defective, we will require you to send it back to us.


    The problem was not fixed. I sent them two more emails over the next two days, one of them tersely worded.

    “…I updated to 1.1 and am still having the same issue… …Will you send my replacement unit immediately. I paid extra for DHL shipping already so I could get the JXD safely and quickly. I am getting neither. Now, I am expected to pay shipping again to send it back! This is not acceptable…”

    They did get back to me on the 31st asking that I return the defective unit using certified mail with a tracking number. Which I sent out.

    “Thank you for your email. We wonder if you can use the register to send back the device to us?… …Can you pack the device in more bubble paper to make sure it can be in good condition. The screen will be very easily to be broken if you do not do that. Write a letter in the package and tell us your order ID, your full name and the problem you get. We will remind you and fix the device for you once we receive the parcel from you. Send us the tracking number when you send out the device. To help you reduce the shipping fee, can you just send us the device? Without the package and its accessories? But make sure you pack it well and insert as much bubble paper as you can. Feel free to get back to us if you need any more help.

    I just want a replacement and have expressed as much. They have not sent my replacement and I have had to pay over $40 in shipping. Their webpage does state that buyers pay for returns, guess I should have read the fine print. I feel like the customer service has been pretty lousy and I am most likely not going to be one of the first sites with a review of the unit.

    Ok, I can at least give some first impressions. The machine is really light and cheap feeling, it feels about half the weight of my Nexus 7. The buttons are nice with the right amount of stiff and springiness. The analog pads are circle pads much like the 3DS or PSP rather than joysticks. They are actually analog but the software seems to be set up so that they sometimes read as digital. Also I have read several reports of the circle pads being defective on arrival and needing re-soldering. I didn’t have this issue but in light of my issue I am VERY concerned about build quality. I couldn’t really explore the system much because of the defect but, it seemed like it might be somewhat functional if it was working correctly.

  • duuuuuh

    i cannot think of a single company that uses paypal and will ship a replacement before having received the defective unit. the reason is that some scammers are very crafty and will ship an empty box, give the company the tracking number, and then ask for a replacement immediately. then the company ships the replacement, and maybe a month later they receive the empty box instead of the “defective unit.” the unit may even be perfectly functional except that the scammer purposely disconnected one ribbon to make the screen not turn on when pressing the power button or maybe has a script to make the device appear faulty. if the dispute period has expired, then the company has lost all that money. if they do manage to file a paypal dispute, the scammer can provide paypal with the tracking number of the empty box (even though it is empty, it can have a different weight declared on the label) and paypal will side the the buyer. this is why smart sellers who use paypal: will never ship a replacement without receiving the defective unit first

    so their CS is not lousy, its just average. i challenge you to find one paypal-transaction company that will ship a replacement without receiving the original unit first…