Samsung Looking To Make The Galaxy Note III Bigger And Better Than The Competition, Rumored To Feature 6.3-Inch Display And 8-Core Processor


Not content to let Huawei steal all the attention in the phablet world, Samsung seems intent on making its upcoming Galaxy Note III smartphone bigger than better than not only its predecessors– but better than the competition as well. Similar to what we’ve already heard before, early reports are indicating that Sammy is going to thread the needle a bit further in terms of the Galaxy Note’s sheer size and will push it well past the 5-inch mark. Rumor has it that the device will check in at a whopping 6.3-inches in size! Oh and what’s more is that the device will also feature Samsung’s newly-announced superchip helping to purr things along. Size + speed? Oh yes please!

Naturally this is all speculation and rumor for now, but knowing Sammy— it certainly tries to push the envelope with its upcoming products, so these rumors shouldn’t be too farfetched. Stay tuned with Talk Android as we try and get more deets for you about the interesting device.

source: Eurodroid


  • GraveUypo

    samsung: making the too big, bigger.

  • Mark Pucka

    I love the size of the note 2, but if sammy can make a bigger one fit in my hand ill buy it for sho, especially if it has a 1080 p screen!

  • ImSteevin

    This is the best kind of crazy

  • dheeraj

    then I think it would lose its phablet status an be called a tablet.

    anyways I don’t find the note or note 2 pocketable & most people who buy it don’t store it in their pockets…But yeah it is the king of android currently….simple FLAWLESS if you are okay with the size….GO SAMSUNG GO

  • Yogi Yotch

    Samsung Note III can sell more than a million in a day if it debuts with a 5″ screen and an 8 core processor.
    I know a lot of people who love but for the size and a lot of junk apps that nobody ever uses. They should at least provide users with a choice to keep only the ones they need.
    The option to install in microSD will also help.