Hands on with the LG NFC enabled smart oven [Video]

More hands on video with some of LG’s Smart House appliances that were officially introduced at CES 2013. Earlier we checked out the LFX-31995 smart refrigerator from LG. We also got to take a look at the smart oven that LG had on hand. Using the LG Optimus smartphone for demo purposes, we see some of the features available with the LG app and how it interacts with the oven. For this appliance, LG is not only using Wi-Fi, they are incorporating features that take advantage of NFC capabilities found in newer smartphones.

Check out our hands on video after the break.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/formetoknow C K ForMeToKnow

    NO Thanks!!! Technology needs to slow down and go back to simplicity. This is just too much and I don’t really see anything useful of this. If you want to be lazy and don’t want to cook, just hire a maid or go out and eat. This is a wasteful product. Why purchase this just so the smart phone and smart oven can communicate and share data. Seriously!!!!??? Its just another gadget that will constantly be needing upgraded. What if they drop their phone in the soup? I see all sorts of mounting problems and problematic scenerios with this. I give this a THUMBS DOWN!!! This will not simplify life in the kitchen. This product will be a headache!

  • MGB

    Spend that much time sitting on the couch and eating lasagna, and increase the chance of getting bigger and bigger…. Does your app tell you when the heart attack comes as well?

  • ırmak kurtulmuş

    akıllı fırın çok güzelmiş