NVIDIA Expresses Project Shield Excitement In New Blog Post


By now you may have heard about NVIDIA’s awesome and revolutionary Project Shield gaming device, right? The 5-inch toy boasting NVIDIA’s brand-new Tegra 4 processor is all set to revolutionize gaming as we know it thanks to the openness of the Android platform. While the portable gaming wunder-gadget has generated a lot of excitement, it has generated even more excitement from the gang at NVIDIA. As they would put it best: NVIDIA’s “goal with it is to design and sell a truly great piece of hardware, one that fits comfortably in your hand, delights your eyes and blows out your ears“.

I’d say that NVIDIA is certainly on its way. Hit the source link to see the blog post from NVIDIA in all its glory and while you’re at it— stay with us for all the CES coverage you can handle.

source: NVIDIA Blog

  • caleb71

    Qualcomm nuked Tegra already. Exynos will be about even with Qualcomm, with Mali and adreno bringing out better performance. Just like 2012…and 2011…