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How to add a custom boot animation to any Samsung ROM

Those of you with a Samsung device looking to add a custom boot animation, your prayers have finally been answered. Thanks to the work of XDA members anbech and smokin1337, it can finally be accomplished. As you might or might not know, most Android devices use the format for boot animation. It happens to be the default, but Samsung has been using QMG files, which is more expensive, not to mention that it made it very difficult to cook up your own.

Now the is back on Samsung devices because smokin1347 created the mod for the Galaxy Note II and anbech did it for the Galaxy S III, but it will work on all Samsung devices that use samsungani to load the boot animation. Here are the notes from smokin1347’s mod:

This will add the ability to use a custom bootanimation on any rom with any kernel and probably any samsung device.

It has been tested on the Note II but should work with any samsung device that uses samsungani to load boot animations. If it doesn’t work for you please post here.

Uses the typical settings bootanimation is at /system/media/, this is for those using a stock rom or a rom the dev didn’t add it in.

You will also find the Google Gears boot animation with smokin1347’s package, so hit up the source links to get started.

source: xda – smokin1347 / xda – anbech


  • Dan

    Does this work on the S4?

  • Efrain Pinto

    Not working for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

  • David Dart

    Not workin on sch – i535 s3.