Ouya Gaming Console Already Given An In-Depth Overview, Courtesy Of An Excited Developer


Although the game-changing Ouya gaming console has just been shipped out to select developers, we are already getting an idea of how the console looks and feels thanks to an in-depth overview and description by an excited developer. The overview highlights every aspect of the console as well, detailing everything from what is included in the box to highlighting the setup process and user interface. The setup process is straightforward and simple like any other Android device, while the UI looks to be pretty basic and easy to navigate through as well. There were no games to try out at this time, though the excited developer was bold enough to sideload a port of Deadly Dungeons which although could use some work to increase controller functionality, worked like a charm and gave us a taste of the console’s potential.

I know you’re all itching to get a taste of what the Ouya console is all about, so just head on down to the source link and check out one of the many videos to give yourselves an idea of what the console is really all about.

source: Phandroid

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • IonyxIphone 5

    Iphone 5 + Gameloft Duo Gamer controller + lighting to HDMI = best console ever made. Sorry android.

    • Mikhail

      look at the screen of the first iphone and the screen of your newest iphone 5, the only difference is the fifth row of icons. iphone is the last century, just admit it. no progress whatsoever. plus when the newest one fomes out they are already one to one and a half year old hardware. everybody moved to bigger screens, quad core, ram that counts in gigs, cpu speed close to 2ghz and what does apple have to offer? newly ipad mini with a three year old cpu and screen resolution less than most of new android phones for the price twice of the nexus 7 that doubles it in specs and still with a five year old with no progress screen layout with just icons on it. it is old old old and so dated that apple owners should just be quiet and embarrased to speak up here. sorry ios.

      • IonyxIphone 5

        Ha thats where your wrong and believe android bias. The specs on android phones has to be doubled just to run android smoothly. If you don’t believe me look at speed test of iphone 5. It beats gs3 of same core on jelly bean. And the quad barely beats it. For that matter the galaxy note barely beats it. And that’s a phablet. The screens have to be larger because they have to have large batteries to compensate for the drainage of the android system it self. Explains why every android dies twice as fast. And don’t show me phone with 3300 mah batteries because we do it on 1800 and still last longer. iPhones and ios are way more efficient. At everything. That’s why we get updates, apps and support. Everything about I phone is better and faster than android counter parts. Explains why every one has one and it breaks records each year. Why no one phone can touch its sales. Even all of android phones struggle to compete. So tell me are we all ISheep and your like the only smart person left who sees something better in android? You say where playing catch up yet no one care about your phones 3 days after they launch. We’re still hearing news about the 4 and 4s. The iphone was the largest and most anticipated smart phone launch in the history of phones. Look it up. Named number one gadget of the year several times. Named fastest, and most coveted. How can a pos do all that if it wasnt as good as every one says it is. You fandroids act like religous cult worshippers always spouting how iphone sucks and android is so much better. Yet our phone doesn’t need to prove anything or convince any one because its is actually as good as they say it is.

  • jezmok

    Lol. Best console ever made. I think not.

    • IonyxIphone 5

      Well for mobile. Xbox 360 all the way for me. But for mobile definitly is best. I bought my original iphone 4 over a 3ds and never looked back. And as we can see 3ds flopped. And soon so will vita. So ios and android are the next gen portable gaming consoles. Ios gets more games first and exclusive so thats why its my choice there too. And between AirPlay with an Apple TV or just a simple hdmi adaptor i can play on any tv of any size with any game. And its awesome. I’ve been playing and people see it and say what game is that and what system. And then I say its my phone and there like dam that looks really good for a phone.

  • Daniyal Khatri

    I would love to get my hands on one of these with emulators for all consoles from Atari 2600 to psx on Android it would be great for retro gaming