ForeverMap2 now available in Amazon App Store for Amazon Kindle Fire owners

While many people were occupied in recent days with news of Google Maps return to the iOS platform, owners of Amazon Kindle Fire devices continued to make do without a pre-installed mapping app. Yesterday, skobbler announced the availability of ForeverMap2 (Kindle Tablet Edition) through Amazon’s app store. ForeverMap2 is free to download and install for Kindle Fire owners. ForeverMap2 provides the expected map functions like routing and search. skobbler claims to provide an excellent visual experience and due to the map database, the product is especially strong when off major roads according to reviews.

ForeverMap2 is based on the OpenStreetMap database, a crowdsourced project similar to Wikipedia. The OpenStreetMap project boasts 900,000 contributors using a variety of methods to update the database. In addition to the free app, users can buy downloadable maps. Doing so provides users with the ability to use the app online or offline. Hit the break for the full press release and a download link (just for Amazon Kindle Fire users).

ForeverMap 2 Arrives on Amazon’s Kindle Fire™

Friday, December 14th 2012
skobbler | New York, NY

Popular Mapping Solution is Poised to be the Standard on Kindle Fire Tablets

—skobbler (, a leading provider of mobile map-based solutions, today announced that ForeverMap 2 is now available for Amazon’s Kindle Fire for FREE by visiting Amazon’s App Store. Through a series of impressive features including seamless online-offline functionality, and a unique integration with the OpenStreetMap database, ForeverMap 2 delivers the most detailed and versatile digital map service today, and is poised to become the standard map app on the Kindle Fire—which has no preinstalled map solution, like Google Maps, available on the device.

A worldwide crowdsourced project similar to Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap—a free and editable map of the world built by over 900,000 voluntary contributors using data from satellites, GPS logs, local knowledge, and other sources of geographic information—provides users with constantly evolving information about their surroundings and is simply unmatched in terms of detail—especially beyond road networks. As a result, by harnessing OpenStreetMap’s vast dataset, ForeverMap 2’s hyperlocal information is a key differentiator when compared to other mapping platforms.

In addition, ForeverMap 2 is one of the only map apps on the Kindle Fire that can offer “hybrid” functionality, allowing users to switch between online or optional offline map access through in-app purchases of downloadable maps. Optional offline map upgrades store locally, allowing for fast and reliable results and providing a flexible mapping service without the constraints of cellular carriers and excessive data or roaming fees. Meaning, whether you’re trying to find directions to the nearest supermarket or are off to take in the sights from around the world, ForeverMap 2 delivers worldwide map data to your disposal, making traveling a breeze—anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, ForeverMap 2 is one of the only map apps in the Amazon App Store that offers unlimited offline functionality upon purchase of a downloadable map upgrade, meaning routing and essential search capabilities, including local and category or point-of-interest search, are all provided. Other map offerings on the Kindle Fire currently don’t deliver this degree of map functionality or use while offline.

Users can download ForeverMap 2 for FREE on Kindle Fire (first and second generation), Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, with continuous free software and map updates provided and absolutely no restrictions while online with the option to install the downloadable map upgrades for full offline use. Users can purchase nearly 1,000 in-app upgrades of city ($0.99), state ($1.99), country ($2.99) or continent ($5.99) maps. They can also purchase a worldwide map ($9.99), which includes access to all available in-app map upgrades. Each purchase is a one-time payment, no subscriptions required.

OpenStreetMap data also provides ForeverMap 2 users with unmatched information that goes beyond just their desired route, making it ideal for itinerary changes, or outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. Intuitive map interactions and cutting-edge visuals, plus a user interface that quickly adapts to the Kindle Fire screen, are powered by skobbler’s advanced NGx map engine for mobile and make it easier than ever to interact with the map. Various search modes, car and pedestrian routing information, Wi-Fi positioning and optimal synchronization capabilities with, combine to make ForeverMap 2 one of the easiest and most reliable mobile map resources within Amazon‘s App Store.

“Amazon’s devices do not include pre-installed maps and Google Maps isn’t even available,” said Marcus Thielking, Co-Founder of skobbler. “By coupling unlimited ‘hybrid’ functionality with OpenStreetMap data, we offer Kindle Fire users a solution that’s second to none in the Amazon App Store. From its unmatched hyperlocal detail, to its constantly evolving data and incredible affordability, ForeverMap 2 is not only the go-to map service on the Kindle Fire, it is Kindle Fire’s standard mapping service, bar-none.”

For further information on recent developments at skobbler, please visit,, http://fb.skobbler.comor

About skobbler

Founded in 2008, Berlin-based skobbler ( is one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. With over 3 million customers on iOS alone, skobbler has regularly topped overall and category app charts in more than 20 countries, leading the way in the development of location technology and end consumer products based on the OpenStreetMap. This experience also facilitates skobbler’s development projects for third parties. Based on the skobbler GeOS map access technology, companies can base their location-aware web or mobile services on the OpenStreetMap.

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