Motorola releases a timetable for Jelly Bean updates on numerous devices

It’s always nice to see companies releasing timetables for upcoming updates, especially as big as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Here’s a list that Motorola provided:

  • RAZR i Jelly Bean update now scheduled for Q1 2013
  • Verizon Droid RAZR HD/RAZR MAXX HD still due Jelly Bean update before 2013
  • AT&T Atrix HD due Jelly Bean update before 2013
  • 3G/LTE Xoom Jelly Bean update delayed to Q1 2013
  • Canadian Atrix HD + RAZR HD due to get Jelly Bean in Q1 2013
  • Euro RAZR HD Jelly Bean update scheduled for Dec. 2012

While there’s still no word on when 4.2 will be released, it’s good to see they have their eyes set on a 4.1 update. Once these updates begin to officially roll out, we’ll be sure to cover it as soon as they’re live!

source: Motorola Forums

  • vegiisan

    I just got an email from Motorola today telling me 4.1 is ready for my Razr HD now – Australian stock. Running the France ROM atm so can’t check yet!