Huawei Confirms It Is Working On A 6.1-Inch Galaxy Note Competitor


In some not-so-surprising news, Huawei has finally come out and confirmed it is indeed working on a Samsung Galaxy Note II competitor. While speaking on the Chinese social networking page Weibo (China’s equivalent to Twitter), Huawei Senior VP Yu Chengdong  took some time to tout up his company’s next beast of a smartphone. The device (which is speculated to be the Ascend Mate) will have a 6.1-inch full HD 1080p display and feature an in-house 1.8GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM– all the while having a “cooler” design than the current Galaxy Note II.

Unfortunately, the Huawei executive decided to leave the Android world collectively guessing and speculating what else could be found in the unique device, but at least we won’t have to wait long. The device is expected to be formally revealed at CES 2013 in January— which is only a month away.

Try to contain your excitement in the meantime folks.

source: Weibo
via: BGR

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  • PKM

    6.1 isn’t a phone, its a tablet with 3G, 5 inch was on the edge of that already…

    • Amunarjoh

      Phaa….! Owning a Note 2, I can only upgrade to a larger “thing”, not a smaller ;-)
      Size is something you get used to so quickly. I used to look at my SGS2, and think; what a wonderful, large screen. Today, on the other hand….

  • Piyush

    When wil manufacturer understand its not power it’s comfort ability and portability people need .

  • yarrellray

    Can’t help but laugh at these guys thinking they are bringing out something important. The Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST productivity/all purpose device ever made. And trust me the Galaxy Note 3 will be 6 inches, 3gb of ram, 2.0Ghz quadcore processor, 1080p Amoled HD screen, 13mg camera, 64gb of internal storage with 64gb sd card..Huawei take a back seat please Samsung got this…..