Microsoft tries to drum up trouble for Android with provocative Tweet

It’s no secret that competition between the major phone platforms (Android, IOS, and Windows Phone) is pretty stiff, with each company doing whatever it can to get a leg up on the competition. Things can get pretty ugly sometimes, with competitors trashing one another and tarnishing each other’s reputation in whatever way they can. Tonight Microsoft joined the fire-fight with a tweet from their Windows Phone twitter account. In it they are calling for their followers to send tweets telling the world about their worst malware story while using an Android phone. These tweets should also include the hashtag #DroidRage.¬†Something tells me that the very vocal Android community won’t take this sitting down and will turn Microsoft’s provoking tweet on its head. After all…when you think of viruses and malware, you tend to think of Microsoft products. Let’s see how this unfolds. If you want to reply to the tweet yourself, check it out at the source link below.

Source: Windows Phone Twitter

  • bitbank

    Forget about malware. My worst smartphone experience in the past 5 years was spending a weekend with a Windows Phone 7.5.

  • Ben

    I love Android but i also like the WM phones and what Microsoft fails to realize in my opinion is that even if WM would get more popular than Android then malware coders would just start writing Malware for WM phones. =)
    It’s just that over 60% of people are using Android thus easier for Malware coders to snatch your info.
    And i had Android devices since 2010 and i’ve never came across any malware but if you are too stupid and gullible to instal every freakin app they see then they deserve to get malware.

    • Lee Kelly

      Don’t worry. There is a snowflakes chance in hell of a Microsoft product overtaking anything. They’ll pour some more cash down the drain promoting it to keep investors before dropping the entire platform and project like a hot snot. All dinosaurs eventually go extinct.

      • wizardprang

        Sadly, history agrees with you. MS has tried so many times to put Windows on phones and PDAs, and every time they have failed, leaving behind orphaned, unsupported devices and frustrated users.

        • Saif

          They even left last year’s users lol.. With Android if you get stuck on an OS there’s always some awesome devs to port/build ROMs

  • Saif

    The Green Robot & The Dark Knight rises in 2013. Windows Phone will be dead like Windows Mobile. BlackBerry has got something special. They also inspired some features in Jelly Bean.