Well That Didn’t Take Long: HTC DROID DNA’s Bootloader Can Now Be Unlocked


Considering the HTC DROID DNA is currently the hottest smartphone of the season, it’s only natural that prospective and new owners will want to fiddle and tinker with the device right? Well the ability to fiddle and tinker with the device is now available thanks to the newfound ability to unlock the device’s bootloader. Thanks to the gang at Android Police, there is a softmod method available which allows for the device to be unlocked using HTC’s developer tool at HTCDev.com. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward process as all that’s needed is a couple of .zip files, an .apk and the execution of some commands and voila!!— the path to customization glory is cleared up for all.

If you’re interested in taking it to The Man and its oppression, you’ll find complete instructions at the source link below.

source: Android Police