Samsung wants to use HTC licensing deal to undercut Apple in patent suits

By now, most of us are aware of HTC’s licensing deal with Apple that’s speculated to pay out between $6 and $8 per HTC phone. Samsung wants to exactly what that licensing deal covered. Why, you ask? If Apple licensed it’s “user-experience patents” to HTC, it could completely change these patent wars. Before, Apple has refused to license those user-experience patents, but if they were licensed to HTC but not offered to Samsung, well… I’m sure you can imagine that doesn’t look too great in the courtroom.

On Friday, Samsung demanded to reveal the specifics of that licensing deal, because they are “almost certain” that it includes some patents that are at play in the Samsung/Apple lawsuit. Generally, a judge won’t issue an injunction if the issue can be resolved through licensing. Apple, Samsung, and HTC all declined to comment. Ron Laurie, managing director of Inflexion Point Strategy and a veteran IP lawyer, stated that it would be pretty unlikely for HTC to accept the terms of the licensing deal if it didn’t include all of those patents. I guess we’ll find out if the details of that licensing deal surface. I’m interested to see exactly how that’s going to play out.

source: Reuters

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Michael Perry

    Unfortunately what you’re missing is that Apple DID offer Samsung a licensing deal 2 years ago but Samsung refused the deal according to the evidence and documents that were submitted as evidence in the trial so this isn’t going to help Sammy much.

    • Jaber Al Nahian Suzon

      That time Apple claimed 40$ per device to Samsung. Does it fair?

      • Steve

        So, you would rather get sued than agree to licensing terms?

        It’s Apple’s property. Agree to their terms or don’t use it!

        • WinDroidz

          What apple claims is theirs is bull cause it was long in use on HTC Winmo phones long long long before the iPhone was even a rumor.. friggin nothing but a case of apple being sore losers once again.. apple didn’t invent the touchscreen and HTC only runs software created by Google or windows so how are they in any case of patent infringement by building the hardware to run the software that Google and Microsoft provide them with. If someone is to be in this war with apple it should be vs Google and Microsoft.. or every manufacturer of hardware should be included ie Motorola, Asus, LG, Sony, ZTE, Scamsum, etc but no….. apples beef is with the company that’s sinking their ship as far as the hardware specs are concerned…. HTC… go cry in to corner some moreabout it crapple its your own fault u want everything your way.. freedom is always more appealing thanks Android for being so awesome

        • RTWright

          You’re fooling yourself if you think ANY of these are Apple’s property. They twisted the Patent Laws so much if it keeps up we’ll be bowing, kneeling and kissing Apple’s royal arses in the future. Apple NEVER has created anything original when it comes to their pathetic iSore of a phone! If you’re just going to come here and stand up for Apple, then you’re not getting any mercy or respect here.

        • Kadaver

          Apple, let me tell you something about Apple…..Apple, eat a dick!

        • JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE