HTC DLX will become the HTC Deluxe globally

A month or so ago it seemed the HTC J Butterfly was going to be a very limited device, but it’s just too good to limit this bad boy. I finally got my hands on the DROID DNA, which is essentially the same phone, and I must tell you that this might just be the finest phone ever made. We also heard that it will be known as the DLX in other Asian markets, and now it seems as though it will actually be called the Deluxe globally at least according to @evleaks. I know that many of you in Europe were wondering if it was every going to arrive, and it looks like it will. Unfortunately we don’t have a time frame, but we are hopeful it will happen by year’s end. This is just too good of a phone to not share the love everywhere.

source @evleaks

  • RTWright

    Maybe now after dropping so much in sales and hurting so bad as to have to close down one of their divisions, they’ve learned a valuable lesson. Don’t go the route of Apple, stop being proprietary. Stop taking features that your consumers like away from them every new version. HTC had been going down that path a while, then they would give their customers lame excuses for why they can’t ( More like WON’T ) upgrade certain devices to the next version of Android ( When ROM Devs had been doing it a while ).

    Point is, they ticked enough off, that for the minority of users that elected to go with what they were shoving out to them? Was not enough to keep them on track in sales. HTC is a good company, but they chose poorly and it hurt them. Now lets hope they’ve learned that lesson and not to go back that direction again. Even as popular as the Nexus series is, even they can’t touch the sales of Samsung’s GSIII and Note 2. But they’re dang sure doing better than HTC has…. Lets hope this is a saving grace for them.