Apple to make $280 million annually from HTC licensing deal

We’ve got a few more details on that cross licensing deal between Apple and HTC. According to sources close to the tech giants, Apple will make close to $6 – $8 in fees per HTC phone sold. That equates to $180 to $280 million per year for Apple, based on HTC’s estimated 30 to 35 million phones to be shipped in 2013. These claims are also backed up by Wall Street, so it seems to be more than just a few rumors.

Now, the flipside of this deal hasn’t been disclosed, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will generate over $200 million in cash from HTC in 2013 with HTC gaining nothing in return (although that very well could be the case.) Apple has had to pay for some cross licensing fees to HTC, so realistically, both companies will more than likely break even on the deal. And if that is the case, hopefully this kind of deal becomes a mold for what Apple can accomplish with Samsung and Motorola.

source: CNet

  • Mystery Man

    Do they even make 200 million profit a quarter?