HTC DROID DNA confirmed in Verizon marketing materials

Verizon users have to be wondering whether to jump ship to AT&T or T-Mobile to grab the Nexus 4 or stay with their current carrier, get what is going to be probably the best phone available, and still enjoy LTE. I know many of you are wondering if the upcoming DROID DNA will actually land by the holidays. Well the above image was shown last night to several Verizon employees, and an HTC rep confirmed that it would be available by mid December. The image confirms what we already know: A 5-inch HD display (1080p), 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Beats Audio, and Sense. They also confirmed that it will be $199 on contract and $599 off contract, which would be a pretty good deal for a phone of this magnitude. So who is staying with Verizon for this beast?

  • DPhill

    I’m keeping my piece of crap LG Revolution till December to wait for this beast!

  • Jason Cancel

    This phone is INSANE! Got to play with it last night! O:-)

    • Mike Lynch

      Any idea about the battery on this bad boy? I guess it’s removable?