Happy Birthday: Android and the Open Handset Alliance turns 5 today

It was five years ago today that the Open Handset Alliance and Android was born. It sure has been an awesome ride. One that has resulted in around 1.3 million activations per day and 75% of the smartphone market share. There is still a lot more to go as the tablet market needs to be seized and don’t forget, we still have 16 more desserts to go for Android versions. So Happy Birthday Android and hit the break for the video that introduced Android to the world five years ago today. It features Nice Sears, co-founder of Android; Alex Rubin, Andy Rubin’s dog and team mascot; Steve Horowitz, Engineering Director, Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate; Peisun Wu, Engineering Project Manager; Erick Tseng, Product Manager; Iliyan Malchev, Engineer; Mike Cleron, Software Architect; Per Gustafsson, Interactive Graphic Designer; Brian Swetland, System Tech Lead; Tobias Anderson, Interaction Designer; and German Bauer, Experience Designer.

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    It’s my birthday, too!

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