LG Nexus 4 prototype was lost and found at a bar, no joke

OK, stop me if you’ve heard this one: A man walks into a bar… Oh, never mind; I know you’ve heard a version of this one. Apparently back in late September, much like that other smart phone a couple of years ago, Google’s worst kept secret was left in a San Francisco bar and subsequently found by the bartender. Not thinking anything of it since he usually finds about 20 cell phones per week in the bar, he set it beside the cash register (the average phone is retrieved in 15 minutes per the bartender). However, unlike other patrons, the device was never retrieved as it sat there all the next day. One of the bartender’s friends, who is up on all the latest news and rumors, was in the bar soon thereafter and instantly recognized the device as the yet-announced LG Nexus.

At that time, the two obviously knew what they had on their hands. The patron then contacted Google headquarters letting them know he’s in possession of something that may be of interest of them. Google then sent out an “intelligence manager” to retrieve the device. Funny, the timing of all of this.  This on the Friday before the Monday of the big reveal? Hmmm… at any rate, if it’s true I’m sure someone who once had a pretty sweet job is now fired. Makes you wonder though, if someone was trusted with this phone and truly left it at a bar, how did they not realize it was missing? That’s a lot of drinking, and a pretty massive hangover the next day.


source:  Wired

About the Author: Sean Stewart

Born in Tennessee yet raised in Florida, Sean is an analyst now living back in Tennessee. His love for gadgets and electronics began in the early 90’s when he received a Sony Walkman for Christmas. At the time, he felt the cassette tape playing, Mega-Bass wielding, three-band equalizer piece of electronics was as good as it'll ever get. There was also the original Nintendo which consumed countless hours of his youth, followed by every follow-up version, a Sega Genesis, PlayStations, and Xboxes. He was a little late to the smartphone party however, not being exposed to one until running a jail-broken, 2nd Gen iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. His phone of choice now is the Galaxy Nexus. He spends most of his free time with his wife and two daughters.

  • Gallow

    Fucking great

  • Noah

    Looks like every other iPhone knock-off. Hardly news.

    • Albert Rabuyo

      Nice try.

    • http://MyShocker.com Nudo

      Lol! A knockoff of knockoffs! Get a life

  • http://www.androidmarket.cz/ Petr Houška

    Guys, it didn’t happen yesterday. It happend on 20th of September.