LG exec outs Nexus branded phone, the world feigns surprise

The rumor mill has been correct yet again: For months we have seen numerous leaks concerning an LG produced Nexus phone, and it seems these leaks have been spot on. Today, LG’s Head of Mobile Product Planning, Amit Gujral, announced that the LG Nexus will be unveiled (I use the term loosely) on October 29th pending a yet unannounced Google event. LG might have jumped the gun on this, or maybe this was just a gaff by Amit Gujral, but all the information released lines up with all the leaked data we’ve seen.

Gujral also detailed specifications of the device: a 4.7 inch display, 1.5GHz quad core cpu and Android 4.2 will be packed into this “LG Nexus”, although he failed to mention whether Android 4.2 will be called Key Lime Pie, or continue with the Jelly Bean monicker. Now, practice your best surprised expression for October 29th so we dont hurt Google’s pride too much for the big launch that we’ve known about for months.

Source: IBN Live

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