Interior of LG Nexus 4 unmasked

With all of the leaked images and information floating about regarding the upcoming LG Nexus 4 device, it probably should be no surprise that someone has obtained images of the inside of the device. At least as much of the inside as you can see by taking off the back cover. That in itself, taking the back cover off, may be a bit of a surprise for some since the device is intended to not have a removable back cover. Nevertheless, it appears the removal of a few screws is all that is needed to get inside the device.

Once inside, one of the main items to be found is the 2100 mAh battery. The battery is designed to not be user replaceable, but now that we see the back is not too terribly difficult to remove, it seems likely there will be plenty of do-it-yourself owners who will replace the battery sans LG or carrier rep assistance. One thing not found inside is the SIM card slot. Instead, the SIM will be accessed via a microSIM tray in the right side of the device.

Be sure to check back here for more updates on the LG Nexus 4 between now and October 29th, when it is expected to make its official debut at Google’s The Playground is Open event in New York City.

source: Android Central

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    P.s. the removable cover might be due to the fact its a Dev model, the consumer version probably won’t have visible screws.