Featured Play Store Newbie: Montessori ABC Game For Kids [Education]

One of the best things to come out of the smartphone/tablet boom is there are a lot of educational apps for kids. It’s amazing how much further ahead my son is than I was at his age. We all want our children to read ASAP, but they need to learn the letters first. Montessori ABC Game For Kids is a new app for toddlers and pre-schoolers that will help them learn the letters, the sounds of each letter, and words that start with each letter.

What makes any education app successful is the combination of education and fun. If the app can give your child entertainment, then he or she will be eager to learn. Montessori ABC makes things interactive with an alphabet game through beautiful flash cards. Your child will tap images and blinking areas to see the spelling of the words as well as hear the sound each letter makes in a word. Every time a letter or object is touched, a cute animated video will appear which will continue to encourage them to keep playing.


  • Interactive mode of learning alphabet;
  • 100+ amusing animations;
  • Pleasant melodies;
  • Child-friendly colorful graphics;
  • Cute characters with sound accompaniment;
  • A new instrumental version of their favorite ABC chant;

As a result of using Montessori ABC Game for kids your kids will

  • Learn the letters of the alphabet;
  • Learn the sound each letter makes;
  • Remember the words that start with a corresponding letter;
  • Recognize the way the words are written;
  • Start reading;
  • Have fun!

Benefits from using Montessori ABC Game for kids

  • Kids’ fine motor skills develop as they tap the images and letters of the alphabet;
  • Children’s memory improves when kids revise letters;
  • Attention span increases as kids stay concentrated on the task;
  • Kids also learn to associate the way the letters and words are pronounced with the way they get written;
  • Kids start reading!

Features appreciated by parents

  • Parents Area specially designed to monitor kid’s progress;
  • A variety of melodies in Kids ABC Letters app (forget about a constantly recurring tune that sounds like a stuck record!);
  • Graphics quality;
  • An independent way kids can use Kids ABC Letters app;
  • They way we care about kids’ privacy: we don’t have any ads or integration with social networks;

Montessori ABC Game for kids costs $1.99 and is recommended for kids over 2 years old. Check out the demo video below and hit one of the download links to get started. Let us know what you think.



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