New vulnerability found in Samsung devices, TouchWiz to blame

Today a rather catastrophic exploit was found in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The new hack allows websites to run a USSD code commanding the device to wipe itself back to factory state, and possibly even damage the SIM card. This means that just by simply visiting a infected website could remove all your pictures, contacts, apps and most importantly: your high score on Temple Run.

Luckily this piece of malicious code will only interface with the TouchWiz interface, so if you’re running CyanogenMod or any other custom ROMs, you’re most likely safe. The current list of affected device include the aforementioned Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S Advance.

Source: SmartDroid

  • Bill Gockeler

    I really wish all these manufacturers would just use stock Android – or somehow Google would influence them harder. Most consumers are buying android phones not for their half-baked custom ui’s but rather for the design style. Stock Jelly Bean runs awesome, they wouldn’t have the patent issues and we’d all get more timely updates.

  • blett


  • blett

    Damn it that’s going to suck. Get some piece of junk iPhone junkie on one mac and the’re goes my Sammy

  • ickyfehmleh

    Well that’s not like Apple at all…