Report Claims “Almost Every Device Is Compromised With Some Kind Of Malware”


Is it possible that the Android platform has one too many flaws? Well as great as Android may be, there are some notable issues that continue to haunt it such as rampant malware in apps. According to the British Times (via Forbes), more than one-third of all Android apps contain some form of Android malware. Jill Knesek, head of the global security practice at BT and former cybersecurity expert for the FBI, highlights her findings when analyzing 1,000 applications:


“We analyzed more than 1,000 Android applications and found a third compromised with some form of active or dormant malware. Almost every device is compromised with some kind of malware, although often it’s not clear if that code is active or what it is doing.”


While the results are nothing short of surprising, there are a few major issues with Knesek’s findings: no one knows what exactly she means by ‘malware’ and she doesn’t offer concrete evidence to support her argument. We’re only going to assume that ‘malware’ is used in the context to describe items such as apps that send back data without the user’s consent and that the apps tested were apps from untrusted developers. Still, these types of studies certainly raise an eyebrow or two and can possibly create fear and pandemonium. Of course we here at Talk Android recommend that you check out our “How To Spot Malware Guide” and always do your homework on both apps and the developers the apps come from, before downloading an app. Oh and it doesn’t hurt to have some sort of antivirus application installed on your smartphone or tablet.
source: Forbes

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • anon

    this is complete bs

  • Mr. Nobody

    You know, I’m growing increasingly convinced that crApple is buying people left, right and centre. They’re really scared now, and rightly so.

  • D. Nile

    Utter nonsense, there’s no way that my device is in any way comproPORN!! FREE PORN!! ROLL UP, ROLL UP, GETCHER FREE FREE PORN HERE!!!mised. Just ridiculous.
    Posted from my Sony-designed iPhone.

    • SebaKL

      Hilarious :-)

  • Martin

    If they don’t know what the code is doing, if anything, then how do they know it’s “malware”?

    • Daniel Roozen

      This response is important enough that I can’t just leave it as an anonymous +1. The claim made by Jill Knesek is so horribly wrong I can’t believe it. How can one make that claim if (a) you don’t define what “malware” you’re talking about and (b) you can’t even tell what, if anything, the code is doing.

  • RTWright

    I know there is some malware our there, if you’re smart and know to protect yourself from it just like on any OTHER computer related OS based device? Then you’ll be fine. It’s NOTHING new here sheesh, they just gotta pick on Android for some reason. Apple’s OSX, iOS and as well we know Windows all have issues of Malware, where’s the surprise?

  • anywherehome

    Report Claims “Almost Every Apple Device Is Compromised With Some Kind Of Malware”:
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    more serious
    on Apple you dont know what you install on Android you know almost everything