Apparently you don’t need a Tegra 3 device to enjoy extended effects


With the release of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, we’ve seen a few games that are either only compatible with devices that have the Tegra 3 or sometimes the game is compatible with many devices, but certain aspects like “extended effects” are only compatible for those same Tegra 3 devices. One example is the recent release of Dead Trigger. Upon the release, Madfinger games told us that it’s available for most devices, but if you want the extended effects, you need a Tegra 3-powered device. Some of these extended effects include enhanced water, specular lighting, volumetric fog and ragdoll physics.

The interesting thing is that you really don’t need a Tegra 3 device to enjoy these extended effects. XDA member SnakeHaveYou found a way to enable other non Tegra 3 devices to be able to play Dead Trigger, but enjoy the same extended effects that only Tegra 3 devices get. With a rooted device, a file explorer and some xml editing, you will be good to go. In a nutshell, the game is set up to see if you have a Tegra 3, and if you do, it allows you access to the extended effects. Hit the break for the instructions.


  1. First of all, enable graphics details to high in setup/others.
  2. Exit game.
  3. Use root explorer like ES File Explorer.
  4. Go to /data/data/com.madfingergames.deadtrigger/shared_prefs/ folder.
  5. Edit com.madfingergames.deadtrigger.xml file.
  6. Change <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”1″ /> to <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”2″ />.
  7. Change <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”2″ /> to <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”3″ />.
  8. Save it.
  9. Modify permissions to remove all write permission on User, Group and Other.
  10. Delete com.madfingergames.deadtrigger.xml.bak.
  11. Enjoy enhanced graphics

Now this begs the question: Is the Tegra 3 just a marketing gimmick? Generally, I don’t think so, but in the case of Dead Trigger, it’s apparent that there’s some extra “marketing” going on. Is it possible that Tegra 3-only games could literally be played on non-Tegra devices? So far this is the only game where anyone has found an exploit, but you can be rest assured that developers will be looking from now on.

source: jayceooi
via: xda

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Albert Rabuyo

    Works on my NottachTrix 1.3.1 Atrix with Faux’s 026 Enhanced 1.0GHz kernel.

  • Me

    The water effects are not there. I suppose tegra 3 is ment to do some stuff that other gps’s can’t…

  • Lucidry

    it is not the only game or instance that there’s been found an exploit. the entire point, seemingly, of chainfire3d, allowed non tegra devices to play tegra-only games.. unfortunately it seems not compatible with the later operating systems as of yet