Rooted Devices Can Now Enjoy Full Features Of Play Store, Regardless Of Location In The World

It’s no secret that Google’s Play Store is getting bigger and better— well for users in the U.S. that is. Those of us here Stateside have been able to enjoy different apps, games, books, music, movies, TV shows and of course our trusty mags— all in a cloud-based experience of course. However, those trying to use the awesome features outside of the U.S. are only held to the use of apps and games at this time. But you know that it was only a matter of time some crafty and ambitious individuals would jump in and make all those wonderful features available for all— regardless of where you are in the world. Thanks to XDA Senior member kishankpadiyar, users of Play Store worldwide will now be able to access all of the same wonderful features enjoyed here in the States— though users must have both a rooted device and Play Store version 3.7.11.

Jazzing up your personalized Play Store isn’t exactly rocket science for those of you who are a little concerned. You’ll need to install something called Market Enabler directly from the .apk and then install DROIDvpn from the Play Store. Hit the break in order to see the full instructions and source links.


Well what you need is rooted phone and Play store 3.7.11 or 3.7.13.. you can download it here

Firstly, Download Market Enabler and install it.., and download DROIDvpn from play store and signup for an account.

Now, go to App manager and delete play store data and cache.

Then Open market enabler and choose any us carrier… like Tmobile, but anything should work.. for choosing, tap and hold on the carrier name and select ‘fake this provider now’..

Now open DROID vpn, login and press start..

Open Google play store and you must now be able to access Google music, Google books etc through Play Store and download everything.


Market Enabler
DROIDvpn Play Store link

source: XDA Forums

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Sumit

    You still need a US credit card to download anything.

    • dan

      My UK credit card worked fine, so it shouldn’t be a problem

      • jean_loup

        I have a UK credit card too and it keeps telling me that purchases are “not enabled in your country at present”.

    • Solenoid

      Unfortunately yes, even for free books (you’ll be billed $0). It’s also available in UK, France and Germany as of this post. Everybody else can just sit and wait… even for free, public domain, books and music.

  • tBs_Battousai

    Will google block this work around?

  • Saiyan

    Market Enabler alone can fake the provider. The DroidVPN app is not necessary.

  • Christian

    I was follow all the steps but Google play still doesn’t work!what’s the problem???