Google Now is available to all AOSP-based Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs

Many of you have been clamoring to try Google Now, one of the hot new features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Well if you are rooted and running an AOSP-based Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, you can now take it for a spin. XDA member febcv figured out that you can modify the build.prop to make it happen. Hit the break for the instructions.


  • Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system
  • Now Open build.prop in Text Editor.
  • Edit =  16 & save.
  • Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  • Now reboot & install the app from this download link.
  • Now edit build.prop & change = 15 & reboot.


source: xda


  • Adam

    does this not work on rooted, stock ics?

    • Brian_2112

      Wouldn’t be too sure about that one, stock ICS doesn’t really have many of the tweaks that these custom ROMs have. It would be worth a shot, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

    • will

      did you try this/get this to work? i’d like to try this on my rooted, stock ics on razr.

  • mansav

    Doesn’t work on AOKP on T-Mobile GS2. Keeps on saying “Didn’t catch that try speaking again” without me even saying or getting a chance to say anything.

  • Kashif Ali

    gives network error on galaxy s aokp :/

  • michael carter

    it didnt work for me :( on cm9 on sensation

  • Brian

    Doesn’t work for me!
    i9100 CM9

  • Brian

    After clicking the menu bottom -> Settings -> Speech Settings

    It forces a closure
    i9100 CM9

    • KazimierzJaneczko

      Same here, same soft and phone…

    • Anil