Nokia Jumps in the Patent Infringement Game, Nexus 7 the Alleged Offender

Nokia today jumped on the patent infringement bandwagon, this time alleging that the just announced jellybean tablet, the Nexus 7, violates some WiFi patents that Nokia holds near and dear to its heart.

It looks like this one won’t end up in the courts though, as Nokia seems ready and willing to license the patents (for a fee of course).

Since Google is selling this thing for $199, you’ve got to wonder if there is even anything left in that meager price tag to kick a couple bucks up to Nokia…

You can hit the source for more, but do you really want to read about another patent argument?

source: Engadget


  • Marty

    Adding Nokia to an ever growing list of companies I will never buy another
    product from. Not because of the quality of their products but the way they
    practice business.