Linaro Is An Android 4.0 Build That Doubles Performance – Submitted To CM9

What do you get when you take stock Android 4.0.4 and double its performance? You get Linaro. Linaro is a build of Android that has many performance enhancements and optimizations, making the OS visibly snappier. In some cases, Linaro manages to double performance over stock Android 4.0, which is impressive since stock Android 4.0 is already fairly snappy over older versions of Android.

The good news is that Linaro’s code has been submitted to CM9, now awaiting approval. Once rolled into CM9’s code, all supported devices will get a great speed boost.

Bernhard Rosenkränzer, an engineer working on Linaro, showcased Linaro speed tests at Linaro Connect Q2.2012 in Hong Kong using two pandaboards, one running stock Android 4.0.4 (AOSP), and the other running the Linaro build of Android 4.0.4. Check out the video of Rosenkränzer describing Linaro and showing the tests after the break.

YouTube Preview Image

This stuff is amazing, and we really hope Google is paying attention and picks this up!

source: reddit


  • Superduty1985

    didn’t understand a word he said lol

    • Przemysław Lib

       You do not have to. Numbers tell it all :D

  • Michael Angel Alonso

    I wonder if that means AOKP will get the same code soon too.

    • http://20 Stacy Bruce

      Yes, AOKP has already begun to submit to their gerrit. So has AOSP. JBQ just confirmed the AOSP submission this morning!

  • Mei

    This is benefit of open source.  Keep up the good work Linaro! :)

    Just love to see great minds at work. xD

  • Wizzbitgxs

    I’d hope they can also prove stability, the performance tricks are already known. But in the past it proved to be unstable. It is something i also did in a Linux distribution with own kernel compilation. It is really nice idea, and if it is also stable.. but i think if they try Google Earth, it gonna hang..