China gives the final thumbs-up on Google’s Motorola Mobility acquisition

After months of deliberation, Chinese antitrust and competition authorities have finally given the green light on Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The Chinese approval of Google’s latest venture was one of several that were required in order for the deal to go through. It’s not a secret that China and Google have had some beef in the not too distant past and it was unclear whether Google would ever get China’s blessing on the matter. China was the final obstacle in the series of regulators to authorize the merger, officially sealing the deal.

This should be especially good news for Google stock holders and Android movement activists everywhere. Though there is still some worry about Motorola getting favored above the other manufacturers, the future of Android is a little more secure thanks to the several thousand patents acquired from the merger.

source: WSJ


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    Wait a minute!!!  What’s this???? Apple didn’t have a say in this too? You’ve got to be kidding!  Well…. If miracles never existed before? They do now! :D