How to install Android on an HTC HD2


All phones deserve a bit of Android love, right?  The HTC HD2, a T-Mobile offering which runs Windows Mobile 6.5, can be served up with a dish of Froyo pretty painlessly, and only requires about 600mb on the SD card.  All you need to do is download this file, unzip it, place the folder on the SD card and navigate to it via the Windows Mobile File Manager App.

From there, tap the file named “CLRCAD”, and  then tap “Haret”, which applies a sound fix and builds the Android OS respectively.  The only downside is the lack of an effective bootloader for easy switching between Windows and Android OS, so if you need to restart the phone, you have to complete the process all over again.  So, if any of you reading this are HD2 owners and decide to try installing Android, please leave a comment below and let us know how it goes.

(note: altering your phone’s software can void your warranty and/or render your phone unusable, so do so at your own risk)


  • Khalid Ahmed

    I have tried using this build. everything works fine except for the phone. The phone hangs up when calling. If phone works fine it would be an awesome OS.

  • Garf!

    ive tried to install it but it did stop on “jumping to kernel” and thats it – nothing else.
    Can any one advise me please ?

  • Rawr!

    The phone doesn’t work. Voices sound ridiculous! That is the only issue that I can find so far.

  • upset hd2 user

    after this download the voice calls dont work….. please create a fix

  • Dude

    If phone worked i would never stop using this OS.

  • Banegladesh

    pleae efind out how to fix the phone problem i get the robot on speed voice then it destroys all sound afterwards! if this is fixed than it is a perfect builD

  • Dmonleo

    I install the build last night, followed the directions and even read the hidden message. However, I agree with Banegladesh, Dude, upset hd2 user and Garf. The phone is wayyy buggy, the voices are distorted. If there is a way to fix, please please let us know. Other than that, this is AWESOME! I hate to reboot my phone just to make calls.


    I have been running this for a long time sound works great as well as volume and phone. If you guys are running this with your stock rom thats the problem.I replaced my stock rom with chuckydroid rom and it runs great this is my everyday os I no longer use windows you need to go to for better instructions because this is better than AWESOME.

  • http://xda Zeke

    All phone is working perfect while running Android 2.2. Go to to download latest build and custom rom to reflash phone. You must install hspl3 before reflashing and have atleast a radio rom higher than version 2.8

  • Tired of win mobiles

    does it support Arabic, i.e can you read, write and browse in Arabic??


  • xtrluis

    i have problem with the voice a robot. it there is a way to fix please contact.

  • Eddie

    Hi, I am really interested in this but a bit of a thicko when it comes to this stuff. whats the radio rom bit and how do I know what version I have.
    thanks in advance

  • Steve Jobs

    Don’t do this Eddie, u can brick your phone easily. If you not happy with your OS get iPhone 4 and all your problems will be solved!

  • Dmonleo

    @Zeke and @Demon, thanks. I will try this route. Will have to do some research on installing/flashing the ROM’s, I had the “ChuckyDroid” just didn’t quite know how to utilize it.

  • Vijay Raje

    Does it work for HD2…???
    if so….
    why the problem in incoming caller’s voice…??
    why phone’s keypad not work while calling…??
    Why Camera is not working…??
    what about GPS functions…???
    Enjoy with Either Windows mobiles or Android Mobiles.
    Dont Try to mix them……!!!!!!!!!

  • haresh

    check this out, i installed it, but i have an extended battery and it keeps crashing, then i installed the old battery and it worked but occassionally hangs up and then have to reset and go through the entire process again only to have it hung up. Is there any way to access the c files and modify the battery routine?

  • Carlos

    hey guys i did everything it says and its been over an hour and still nothing its just a bunch of text it looks like theres something going on but idk there is movement in the text but like i said its been over an hour and im freaking out hoping my phone didnt break any help please?

  • J.

    Hello All,

    It works with my HTC HD2 just fine at the moment, i have been using it for a day, no issues so far. The wake up form screen sleep is long (comparing). We’ll see how it goes on long run, any issues appeared will post here. Thanks a lot for an easy installation and a fine working software!

  • diego

    it sucks it continualy shuts off

  • colin

    why the problem in incoming caller’s voice…??

    flash a new radio and thats solved

    why phone’s keypad not work while calling…??

    works for me

    Why Camera is not working…??

    works for me

    what about GPS functions…???

    works for me

    install problem?

    format your sd card and try again! should work now

  • herrera

    hola quiero saber como puedo hacer mi htc hd de windows a android espero tu respuesta gracias

  • omar

    its stops in “jumping to kernel” and thats it .

    Any help please …

  • trukaoz

    I had everything working fine the first day but now when i try to start Android it tells me…
    The file ‘CLRCAD’cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file.

    can someone help me out plz

  • Nanda

    Everything works fine except the phone!. I can’t hear the voice on outgoing or Incoming calls. I hear some noise.
    GPS function works fine.

    >> colin Says: “flash a new radio and thats solved”

    Colin could you please explain how to do that?

  • blondcat83

    i’ve just installed it ,,, it looks great with a gd functions but yes i have a problem when calling others ,,, others can hear me very well but i cant hear them,,, i will try to install separate radio from xpda and i’ll check if it will fix the problem ,, plz inform me if u solve this problem .


  • blondcat83

    CLRCAD is not working :(( can u provide us with onother radio

  • congzhang

    It’s no need to re do all the things, just delete Android directory in the sdcard’s root directory, and then do last step (CLRCAD and haret), have a lot of fun .

  • Sam

    Have been running this all day on my HD2, it was running a core cell evo rom, and I have had absolutely no problems. It does get laggy occasionally but is fixed by locking the device and waiting a couple of seconds for the OS to process. Great great great developing guys.

  • rmjrjay


  • dumon

    So any solution for the robotic voice?
    I’ve tried several different androids builds and have the same issue. I always execute CLRCAD first.


    Andriod works great on HTC HD 2, a little digging at will serve you a lot better.

  • Nanda

    Thank you verymuch “rmjrjay” with your help I installed Android, I am testing it & it works great so far. Thanks You. :)

  • hd2559

    great!! but it sounds like r2d2 is trying to call me, so other than the voice on the phone everything seems awesome.

  • hd2559

    and i have a htc hd2.

  • KT4U2NV

    Ok so im not computer savy at all and I want to know if anyone will send me step by step instruction on how to install the android software to my htc hd2? Thanks my email is

  • Chandra

    I was trying to install this. I followed each step text by text.
    It seems it is stuck on ‘jumping to kernel’. Does it takes very long. It’s been

  • Latinlicious

    I have HTC HD2 and i would like to install the android but i can seem to figure out how or where can i find the site to install it..can someone help me ..thanx….my email is

  • darryl

    The install was great exceopt no G3 network access. All other functions work great.

  • cynthia

    how long does it takes to install android on HTC HD2 LEO?

  • cynthia

    can someone email me on how to install chuckyandroid to get rid of the robotic voice.

  • Nanda
  • jussent

    How long does the whole process of installing android take? Is there a way to uninstall if I do not want android on my phone?

  • Josh

    Anyone having problems after installing Android can get advice on improving their experience here:

  • G Easton

    I installed on my HTC HD2, it works really well.
    much better than windoze mobile!

  • mcfairguy

    I’ve been running this OS on my HD2, with the new stock rom and the latest stock radio. It works absolutely perfect, but just know that there isn’t a camera fix for it yet! So no camera and no video cam, but how often do we need those, and it’s as simple as restarting the phone back to windows. Here’s what a lot of people don’t understand about installing: You need to create a specific folder on your memory card labeled “Android”, this is where you will put all Android boot files. For this version of Android, you must have everything in that specific folder. This is where the installer will look for the necessary files! Initial boot will take longer than the rest, and will take longer on the first couple of boots. It’s adapting to your hardware, but stability increases the more you use it. I never thought I would make this my permanent OS, but I love it. I also benchmarked this on my HD2 and it blew every phone out of the water in all speed tests, including the mighty Nexus One 2.2!!! Just bragging, lol.

    • Tim Elliston

      How did you get this to work, my HTC HD2 stops at the loading kernal? Please share your secret of the downloads you found and the bits you installed on to your SD card.

      Thanks Tim Elliston

  • Paul Grant

    Hi there, I would just like to know how come everything works really well, the only thing I cannot do is send sms messages. I get the error unable to send message after several attempts. Is there a fix for this?
    Thank you

  • im lovin it

    i did like u guys recommended. i updated radio rom and hspl3 and the put chuckydroid rom. now my android is working perfectly, everything from phone calls to apps are working perfectly. its been a day and a half no prblems . this os is much much better than my stock one.
    im lovin it

  • Paul Grant

    Hi there, I got my Messages working, Now i cannot sync with the data cable. It just doesnt recognise it. It will charge the phone from the PC but for some reason just wont show up in HTC Sync. Anyone got any ideas or a fix for this problem?

  • Jamesliulyc

    I would like to install the android, pls help me, I want to find the site ,my email is

  • Android Dreamer

    Mine unfortunately hangs at the jumping to Kernel stage.. I’ve updated a few things already like radio and HPSL not sure what is wrong.. help pretty pls.
    OS version 5.2.21869
    Manila Ver 1.0.19211622
    ROM ver 1.49.841.1
    ROM date 11/23/09

    Guess will start with the ROM.

    • Tim Elliston

      I have the same problem and have tried everything I can think off and find on the net to make it work…so frustrating to be missing something here. Please let me know you you get your working…

  • hafid

    hi guys i m trying yo find a link to download android for my htc hd 2 please anyone know about it just email it to me my email

  • tyler

    running good, just im not a fan of htc sense. any chance of getting android without any software overlay?

  • Lisa

    Okay so I have this everything is great but when I call my dad he sounds like a robot how do I fix this pleaseee help me soon I love everything but Im only 14 and I dont know how to mess with this

  • dee

    it is showing htc logo(stuck for hours) each time i try to install the anroid on my hd2… pls what can i do to make it work ….

  • ray

    i installed everything corectly but my hd2 tells me it is unable to open because it isnt signed on a trusted certificate

  • Karl

    how long to does installation take, because i’ve been waiting for this thing to finish since 3am ita going on 10am

  • Josh

    Once you’ve gotten Android on the HD2 make it run better by following the detailed instructions for Running Android on the HD2:

  • Paul Grant

    About 5 minutes if that, You should see a heap of scrolling text on the screen and then it will show an android logo and then boot into the operating system.

  • dee

    josh what the website in full.. ..

  • cheese


    Am facing the same problem like others,it stuck at “jmping to kernal” for my HTC HD2.

    Any kind soul pls email me the (1)correct files to d/l and (2) a step by step guide in order to get the conversion corret.

    Really appreciate if any of the expert here can help.Advance tks to all.


  • Feedback 66

    I am able to boot the Android OS but as soon as I unlock it I get the message: The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpedtedly Please try again.

    What can I do to get it to work?

  • yumi

    I get the same problem as Paul Grant with messaging. Solution?

  • rasesh

    there is no version of radio called 2.8
    it might be 2.08
    and i have installed version of

  • rasesh

    my rom says its 3.14.720.3

    would it work for this android

  • rasesh

    i m hearing robotic voice on call

  • TIphani

    how do you flash a new radio to get rid of the robotic voice????

  • Paul Grant

    Get Android Gingerbread, The newest release.
    This also allows direct install of applications to the sd card :)
    The best i have ever seen running.

  • rasesh

    need chunkydroid . .. . .. .can any one send me link
    i loaded few of them but they arent loading

  • Ugur


    My phone is HTC HD2 T-mobile with latest Rom update by T-Mobile, installed Android, works nice execept the phone, robotic voice, freezes, dial buttons do not work etc, Can anyone help for these issuies?

  • aaron

    works or should i say worked i didn’t know that it was like jail breaking and for some random off the wall reason shut my phone off all in all it uninstall-ed so i re did the process and it hasn’t booted up Ive only made it to the green and white H.T.C screen for hours at a time Ive tried the original builds and some of the latest still refuses to work what should i do?

  • http://na Muhammad Nadeem

    i got htc hd2, if somebody can help me out regarding installing of Android software on my phone, as i would like to use it for Skype, and you already that windows does not support Skype on phones.
    Need prompt help

  • cm

    my computer says that it does not know what to do with the file. It doesn’t have anything to unzip.

  • Arpan Vij

    hi guys i m trying yo find a link to download android for my htc hd 2 please anyone know about it just email it to me my email thanx

  • Rikin

    If I install Android on to the SD card will I lose all my Android Data when I turn off the phone. ex. If I install some apps from the Android Market, and save some contacts/pictures, will I lose all of that when I shut off the phone or will it act like a normal Android Phone?

  • ian

    this didnt work on my hd2 from vodafone with windows 5.2

  • samip

    i m trying to installed android in my ph its been hour but its still downloading some kind of texts some thing…please help me out

  • B

    What is a good program to help unzip this file?

  • Paul Kennedy


    Brilliant OS system just two issues.

    1. Making calls rings and connects but you can not hear the person on the other end of the line

    2. If you do manage to get sound when using the phone during a call its all distorted like there is a robot on the other end

    Is there a fix ??

  • bailey

    i did follow orangzie, but my phone won’t install on 2.3 bcause red light on top alike charge then turn red light. When i did click to haret then same time red light. What wrong with my phone? Any one who can help me?

  • jay

    does anyone kno if it works on a refurbished htc hd2?

  • rasesh

    prefer using the latest version of android . .. i.e 2.3 it works with all the features .. . .. . calling goes smooth .. . application works . .. . search XDA site for downloads . .. look for windows 6.5programes and application in XDA site u will find android 2.3 there the latest version……. that should help

    1. u wont be able to connect to PC with Android installed .. . .. u get files from PC to phone . .. u got to switch ur phone to windows by restart . ..copy necessary files and boot android again .. . .
    2. cam corder doesnt work in android 2.3 . .. u can look for new camcorder app for android in XDA or even in . ..this should solve the prob
    3. i havent tried wifi or internet .. . i guess u need to get basic setting for android to use internet .. .
    rest all works smooth . .. ..

  • rasesh

    for messanger on HD2 windows u can download fring messanger . .and can chat with all friends of yahoo, gtalk, facebook, msn.

    i had enquired with one of my friend working in JAVA and person sujjested that do not keep 2 OS in one system . .may create issues in long run so i have uninstalled .. . .. .. . .

  • siddharth_nagi

    htc hd2 tmobile
    os 5.2.21864(21864.5.0.81)
    manila 2.5.19202525.0
    rom date 10/28/09
    i want to install android froyo2.2 how to install on my phone plzz helpppppp.

  • Abraham

    Can some one please post step by step instructions on how i can easily download android on my HD2? I would like all functions of my phone to work so please post instructions on a download that works.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Daz


    I just came to know tat android and windows 6.5 can both run on htc hd2. In other words, dual boot systm. Can someone plzz hlp me with tis? I tryd alot of tyms but failed. M missing out on some steps. Plzz hlp me

  • Salaar

    i want to install android in LG Prada 2 its a touch fone. please tell me how to do that?
    kindly i really need it

  • Tried Tester

    tried this rom. this is an awesome build. however there are a few cons.
    1) voice sounds very bad
    2) there is a performance drop(this is expected)

  • Nouman

    i installed gingerbread on HD2, it worked very well untill i reboot it…..after rebooting it turned on into windows again….can anyone help?????

  • Bosun Ojomo

    I followed your instruction but my screen freezes and stops at “jumping to hariet…….. i.e. on the 9th line on the screen. So what can I do. Any help will be appreciated

  • Mamun

    i am using android sd version. i want to install the latest nand version. can someone give me the ling where i can get the latest version of android nand with instruction???
    waiting for some one to reply.

  • Uhmm

    I Did All That, But Nothing’s Changed. Can You Help?

  • turnns


    I have a Tmobile, HTC HD2 and I don’t like windows 6. I want the Android OS. I am not technology savvy, can someone email the step by step on how to install the Android OS on my phone and get rid of Windows 6?

  • turnns

    I have a Tmobile HTC, HD2 phone with windows 6. I want Android OS, I am not technology savvy and would like for someone to email me at the step by step instructions on how to install Android and get rid of Windows 6.


    • Jmgrwac

      Hello, wondered if you got any response from your request? If so, would you mind passing this info along to me? id love to help my brother make his hd2 android. Thanks so much. And i really appreciate your time.

  • sandy

    How much time it takes to install the android on HTC viva? i have waited for more than an hour for first booting and observed that screen is stuck ( but the pointer below is still flashing). Can anybody tell me how much time it takes to install android on windows mobile.

  • Robin

    I have a HTC HD2.. Im really scared but to install the android but need to do something because it sucks as it is… Please help with step by step directions on how to get this to work on my phone so my phone will work… If you can help please let me know.

  • nicholas

    thank u i had android on my phone once but i got messed up so i sent to get a new one and i want to put android back on it

  • Minah

    Hey, so I have an HTC HD2 and I want to install Andriod OS & don’t know how. If someone can email me directions I would GREATLY appreciate it, PLEASE! Thanks,

  • Tinchen688

    Hey Guys, i tried to install Android on my HTC HD2, did everything like described, but i just get a black screen, which says jumping to kernel….it freezes all the time i try it…any help? I really would appreciate anyone who could help me…

    • Pablo_rosario

      Could you find a solution to this problem. I have the same issue and i don´t know how fix it.

  • ruby

    i have no idea how to do this.
    i downloaded the link but i try to open it on my phone and it doesnt work.
    i dont have the clrcad or haret.
    please help!? :(

  • Brittany

    can this destroy your phone

  • godswill

    hi, plsssss can smeone tell me were to download gingerbread frm?.iv been searching for it in “xdadevelopers” but cant find download link….pls helppppp……my email ‘godswill312@yahoo’….thanks for ur help.

  • godswill

    pls gingerbread download link… xdadevelopers…plsss smeone help mee… my email…tanks for ur concern…

  • steve

    please can some1 give me a easy way of installing android on my htc hd2 phone as the windows os is crap. please mail me with info thanks, steve.

  • 1call4anyjob

    I have tmobile leo hd2 htc sense, would appreciate it if someone could email me a link for the download. I have tried on xda, and a few others, one doesnt work on the leo. thanks for any help.

  • Gandla_pradeep

    i have htc hd2 mobile. how to install androide software in htc hd2 windows mobile

  • Kontrabandisti

    where can i find the android software to install on  hd2. please post a link  or e-mail at

    • Tony Bowles

      if you find it please share the info must love is needed

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  • Higgey83

    You need the hd2 nand toolkit. Run task29 flash hard spl.(if you dont have droid yet. Install proper radio before wipe.) Install magloader 1.13 from toolkit. Flash cwm recovery from magloader(use proper partition). Go into recovery. Mount usb storage. Transfer rom. Install zip from sd. BAM you havr droid

    • Bill

      Is it safe to assume that any of us who cannot follow what you wrote should not try to do this on their own?  What and where is the the nand toolkit? Is task29 flash hard spl. inside the toolkit? Which is the “proper” radio and before what “wipe”?

      If anyone understands what these instructions are, please translate in “novice” so we can understand.

  • vinny

    hi i have a htc hd2 but i accidentally format it and the camera is not working can any1 please tell me how shud i get it fixed.

  • alba

    the link does not work to download the files, it says cannot find the link

  • Hishambinhafeez

    link is not working

  • hamidansari

    i have one problem when i click haret it takes me to a black page with a paragraph of small writing and it gets stuck there for ages and so i took my battery out and its all good but when i run clrcad again there is an error plz help.

  • Amardeep

    hi…can somebody tell me how to install android on htc hd2…i m using windows and it sucks….if possible plz send the details on amardeeps144@@gmail:disqus .com…thanks

  • Deivid4o0

    i have htc hd 2 and is very very sucks i need to put adroid pls anyone knows help me pls my email is deivid4o0@hotmail:disqus .com

  • Tigerred25

    i have folowed all procedues but my phone is taking very long to install android what can be the problem

  • Mrthuya Sg

    May i know download link.I tried so many links but all are removed .Kindly mail or message to alot you guys…

  • Ansari

    i have htc hd 2 and is very very sucks i need to put adroid pls anyone knows help me pls my email is

  • Locomancell

    i have an htc h2 which has no OS, it used to have Android but it froze every time i tried to use it, so i swap everything from it, so i have no OS on the phone right now… it i plug it onto the computer, there is a message saying, Software update failed, please try again… i would like to install some kind of android OS or Windows 7 if possible… how could i do that??? anyone please….!!! thanks

    • Vennki

      Try to purchase 8 GB SD CARD and download ROMs from XDA Developers and flash it. U can use as Android Phone

  • Bahram Haddadi

    Hi guys , Is there any working link to download? Please sombody help me to download android upgrade file. drop me an email to

  • Zual Noi

    PLEASE can someone send me a download link @

  • Kisajath

    brother than what i want to do install a android for hd2?

  • Alexis Pa

    where can I download an Android software for my HTC HD2 phone?

  • elvis

    PLEASE can someone send me a download link for android, for my HTC HD2….

  • Obdulia Dominguez

    I down low it and my G3 is not there. How to down low G3 on.

  • abinesh

    i am usng the htc hd2 i need android software for my mobile.

  • abinesh.A

    i neeeeeeeed a help tht i want android software for my mobile htc hd2 if u got it thn immediatley contact me my no:9600296023

  • Chetan

    Hi can anyone help me in installing android version for my HTC HD2.

  • sulav maskey

    i am using htchd2 n i need androide on my cellphone hw to install it can u send me a link

  • Chetan

    hi…can somebody help me how to install android on htc hd2…i m using windows….if possible plz send the details on

  • Kunle Ogunwalere

    i have htc hd2 vodafone and 5.2 OS. how do upgrade to 6.5 so that i can be able to install android software.

  • Kunle Ogunwalere

    hi…can somebody help me how to upgrade my vodafone htc hd2 5.2 OS to 6.5 OS…….if possible plz send the details on

  • winston

    ya yes i want to convert my htc hd2 windows phone to android..plz do help me out.

  • ugk

    please i want to uprgrade my HTC HD 2 to adroid……need ur help ugk ,

  • Carmen

    is there anyway to make it so i dont have to repeat the process over and over again , also if i download apps and i have to reboot the android system will my apps still be there ???C

  • Ebony Harris

    how do i install android on my htc hd2 sence