Google CEO Larry Page Interview – Apple’s Fight With Android Was For Show

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone sat down with Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page recently and discussed everything from Android to tablets to social networking. Oh yes, they also talked a little bit about Steve Jobs and Apple. Larry took over the Google reins when Eric Schmidt departed last year, and seems to be a man who is passionate about the technology he helps develop.

What we see, having these amazing devices in your pocket.  Every time I get a new one, it’s like a kid on Christmas. I mean, it’s just totally—my life has changed. It’s kind of like the experience of first using the Internet or using a computer as you get these new phones.

When asked if there’s an Android tablet he’s happy with, he states:

I really like using my Samsung tablet. I previously used the Motorola Xoom for a while and liked that. I think that those are great experiences, but they’re going to get a lot better. I think that we’re at the pretty early stages of this.

The feud between Apple and Google over Android was a topic that yielded probably one of the most interesting quotes from Page.

I think the Android differences were actually for show… I think that served their interests. For a lot of companies, it’s useful for them to feel like they have an obvious competitor and to rally around that. I personally believe that it’s better to shoot higher. You don’t want to be looking at your competitors. You want to be looking at what’s possible and how to make the world better.

That’s an interesting way to look at it, and the fact that Page and Steve Jobs were on friendly terms may add some credence to that statement. But I question how much was for show and how much was real anger, especially on the part of Jobs as depicted in his biography by Walter Isaacson.

There’s more interesting tidbits in the interview. Hit the source link for the details.

source: businessweek

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