HTC One X for AT&T spotted in the wild


Many of us have been waiting a good while for HTC to step it up a notch and release something that felt new yet still encompassed all that we love about Sense UI and Android. For most, that phone is the HTC One X. Slated for AT&T and heavily rumored to land on Sprint, the One X will bring HTC lovers the new Sense 4 with ICS, LTE and for AT&T, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor. While we still drool and wait for a release date, one lucky duck in the Android Central forums by the name of Phonegeek has received one for testing on the AT&T network. In the forums, Phonegeek states that the U.S. version of the One X will only have 16 GB of internal storage, versus 32 GB in its international cousin. It is speculated that the reason for this reduction is to make room for the LTE radio. Phonegeek goes on to mention that the One X is about the same thickness as the HTC Inspire 4G, yet the Inspire weighs in at 6 oz and the One X, a mere 4.5 oz. Hopefully the lighter weight won’t take away from the feeling of having a solid, well-built phone. The forum is full of photos and other details so feel free to check out the link and take a peek at the future of HTC.

source: Android Central forums